BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-// BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20210424T100000Z DTEND:20210424T160000Z DTSTAMP:20201222T140914Z URL: SUMMARY:Leeds Warehouse Kilo Sale DESCRIPTION:THIS WILL BE A SOCIALLY DISTANCED EVENT! PLEASE WEAR A MASK\, A ND BRING YOUR OWN BAG! You'll need to book a ticket for a specific timed e ntry slot to help us space out shoppers. If you have any questions regardi ng accessibility\, or visiting the event if you have a disability please g et in touch!\n\n★ Shop TONNES of sustainable vintage\, retro &\; bran ded fashion by weight ★\n\nTICKETS COMING SOON!\n\n★ ENTRY PRICES ★\ nGeneral (Access from 10am) £2\n\n☆ Supplied by Europe's LARGEST vintag e wholesaler\, The Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale lets you pick from thousands of vintage\, retro and branded items from 70s – early 00's! Roll up you r sleeves and rummage through tonnes of clothing and save major £££'s! There is NO minimum spend\, so if it's just one light item you want\, expe ct to pay as little as 50p!\n\n☆ We're bringing you 6 TONNES of stock! W e're talking everything from retro tees to denim\, jackets to jumpers to s horts and skirts. All events have a 50/50 split between Mens/Womenswear! I tems are sorted into type for shopping each e.g. jumpers\, dresses\, shirt s.\n\n☆ Once you are ready to pay\, just take your items to our lovely s taff at the tills and we'll charge you just £15 PER KILO! The weight is c alculated accurately in front of you so you pay for the exact amount!\n\n ☆ There's no better place to shop affordable vintage/retro &\; brands in a BIG way – grab a new wardrobe and still have change left over! Eve n better\, we take CASH\, CARD &\; APPLE PAY once you've paid your entr y fee.\n\n☆ We keep the stock price as low as we can so you may find the odd snag\, missing button or item that needs an alter. Our advice is to g et stuck in to save those £££'s\n\n☆ If you are a fan of older vintag e/retro (40s\, 50s\, early 60s) sadly you won't find these items at the ki lo sale BUT you'll find them in spades at our sister brand Judy's Affordab le Vintage Fair!\n\n🌎\; In the fight to save our planet we ask you to BYOB(ag) to this event!! ♻\;️\;\n\nVintage Traders / Press / Bloggers – please contact\n\nTHIS WILL BE A SOCIALLY DISTANCED EVENT! PLEASE WEAR A MASK! CATEGORIES:The Vintage Kilo Sale LOCATION:The Vintage Kilo Sale warehouse\, Unit F seacroft industrial &\ ; trade park\, Leeds\, LS14 2AQ\, United Kingdom GEO:53.827987;-1.456202 X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=Unit F seacroft industrial & trade park\, Leeds\, LS14 2AQ\, United Kingdom;X-APPLE-RADIUS=100;X-TITL E=The Vintage Kilo Sale warehouse:geo:53.827987,-1.456202 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR