New Trader Form

All our stalls are approved before we can add you to our stall holders list. If you would like to hold a stall at one of our vintage fairs or festivals you will need to fill this form out and send it back to us for approval. Please note it can take up to 30 days to process your application.

Please make sure you fill in all areas of the form, be thorough in your description and send through a clear image of the stock you wish to sell.

New Stall Holder Form

Please fill in all fields. Please note: it can take up to two weeks to process this form and some traders may not be contacted.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    Please attach an image of your stock
  • Please be really thorough and include examples of prices
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Useful information for new stall holders

Booking your stall

First you will need to fill in our new stall holder form above.

Once we receive your request we will let you know which fairs are available and send you the relevant booking forms.

Stall preparation

Once you are booked in the prospect of joining our busy fair can be quite daunting. Please don’t worry, there’s lots of help once you arrive at the fair. But good preparation is key. Here’s a little check list of what you may need to prep for your fair:

Swing tags:

Fairs can be busy and changing rooms are communal so it’s really important that you tag each of your items securely and distinctively so if any stock is left in the fitting rooms or on other stalls we can get it back to you.


Price your stock carefully, our fairs are aimed at the affordable market and you don’t want to over price your stall. If it’s your first fair you could price accordingly but bring some sale cards or rail tags along, if certain items are sticking you can then quickly reduce rails or add offers to entice customers.

Stall sizes and stocking:

Our stall sizes are generous, though you may only need a small stall for your first fair. If this is the case but you have extra stock you can bring it along and re-stock your rails as the fair goes on. Some stall holders bring extra sacks of stock and store it under their tables to re-stock quickly. If your items are hand made and you can’t easily provide more on the day you could always bring along business cards to hand out to customers who may want to buy in the future.

Fair Promotion:

We heavily promote all our fairs, and our stall holders help out where they can. If you have a Facebook account you could send out an invite to the fair you are attending to inform friends and current customers. If you have a mailing list you could send out messages and e-flyers to let them know the dates and locations of your next fair. If you have a website you can add a link to the fair, but do let us know and we will reciprocate the link from ours.

Stall promotion:

Dressing your stall can make all the difference, bring with you anything you think may stand out from the crowd. Bring fabric to cover your table, signs to let people know your price points, flyers to promote your brand and if you do have any small items then a bargain bin is always welcome especially from the fashion students.