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Emails, early rises, caffeine on a drip – Monday morning, you’ve arrived (sigh.)

Dark clouds aside, this week, we’ve had a brainwave; turning the dreariness of Monday well and truly on its head, why not turn Monday into FUNDAY? A little something to make you smile, below find some of our favourite Monday-related posts to hopefully get you grinning…



























































There? Feel better? We sincerely hope that you do! For further grins and tomfoolery, be sure to head to our Facebook HERE AND to see when we’ll be bringing our vintage troupe to you, click HERE.

Stay strong vintage fans – Friday is only four sleeps away!

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Judy’s at Old Spitalfields: Hello Yellow!

Greetings vintage fans!

With Spring [and the return of our free London bonanza, ‘Judy’s at Old Spitalfields’] just around the corner, boy do we have a treat for you! Teaming up with London bloggers  ‘Fancy Full‘ [check them out here, they are lovely!] we are saying ‘HELLO YELLOW’ and showcasing the very best in vintage wares, all in our favourite colour!

From mustard through to sunny brights, expect fashion, homewares, street style and accessories to [colour] pop you out of the cold! With a full preview to come, here are two beauties from trader ‘Before Brasilia to get you in the mood…’

Lovely stuff indeed! For further information on how you too can let the sunshine in with Judy’s at Old Spitalfields, check out our event link here.

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ! x

A very vintage fashion week

Oh London Fashion Week, how quickly you go! As we sit here [rather pleasurably!] looking through all the looks that make us want to fast-forward the summer and jump straight to Autumn, one can’t help but wish for a form of ‘Fashion Week Omnibus,’ a sort of sartorial ‘Black Mirror’ beamed straight through the TV and into our brains and leaving us trend-aware in an instant!

Dystopian Charlie Brooker-isms aside, what have we learnt from Fashion Week? Surprisingly, much of the same! From the ’60s to the Elizabethan to a take on Rydell High, the past is more present than ever, with ample designs to leave us drooling. Picking out outfits and plastering them together, here are a few faves from a very retro week on the runways…

Giles: Kicking things off chronologically with a spot of the Elizabethan, Gile’s floor-length gowns, puffed sleeves, lace and embellishments are so old-school that they’re practically out of a GCSE history textbook. Sighting his influence as ‘Black Adder!’ we may start channeling our inner Baldrick next season too! [if only we can remember where we put those ruffs…] Photo courtesy of: Vogue

Meadham Kirchoff: A monochrome march of leather, black velvet, virginal white linen, veils and crowns, duo Meadham Kirchoff explored the notion of ‘devotion,’ with heavy fabrics, embellished collars and floor-length cuts mirroring the Victorian. Putting one in mind of tempestuous moors, jilted brides and the juxtaposition of mourning with the celebratory, we think that we will be going back to black for Autumn, swapping taxi cabs for carriages and bringing headpieces into the office [too much?] Photo courtesy of: Vogue [and for a  backstage look, check out Wonderland’s review here]

PPQ: A good seven decades post-Victorian [and at the opposite end of the aesthetic spectrum] we couldn’t help but fall for the ADORABLE neon pea coats over at PPQ! 1960’s beehives, contrasting paneling and coming with an assortment of collars, we fancy channeling Twiggy green and adding a much-needed colour pop to our wardrobes. Photo courtesy of: Yahoo.

Orla Kiely: Well, where do we begin? Clearly, by the amount of images we’ve plastered above, you can see that we are officially IN LOVE! A strong believer that fashion [especially that which isn’t so easy on the bank!] should be experiential and not just a quick flaunt down a runway, we were smitten with Orla Kiely’s recreation of the classic 1960s typing pool, complete with beehives, props and [we like to hope] a lot of scotch! And so, the only thing more impressive than the setting? The clothes themselves! Gorgeous repeat-print shifts, layering, sheer sleeves, peter pan collars [and the odd squirrel or two, occupying a cardigan.] As practical as they are an occular delight, it makes us wants to time travel RIGHT NOW back to the 60s and live the Draper dream! Photos courtesy of: Vogue and Rush and Teal

Tata Naka: Taking ‘The Pink Ladies’ via Keith Haring, how anyone wouldn’t fall for the playful print clash of Tata Naka is beyond us! With the designers channeling ‘love in an ’80s High School,’ printed letterman jackets, coloured leather, knee-length skirts and pannelling remain outre but accessible, a giddy lovechild of 1950s styles and 80s angst that promises to put the fun back into an Autumn that feels a little grown-up. Photos courtesy of: Trend Journal

Well folks, there we have it! We hope you have enjoyed our little sartorial tour and feel free to let us know your favourites by commenting below!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x