Staying Organised this Spring!


Spring has sprung and it’s time to get organised at Judy HQ. With lots of lovely events on the horizon for our fabulous traders and customers – to-do lists and lots of tea are filling up our busy days!

With this is mind, the lovely folks over at Urban Cottage Industries have sent us some organisation must-haves to keep us on the go and on top organisation form.

Personalised ‘Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair’ Moleskines


We can’t resist anything in our company colours at Judy HQ – let alone those with our name on them as well! Urban Cottage Industries can de-boss any message onto a Moleskine of your choice using vintage printing machinery! (What a perfect present they would make)

Pssst…follow them on Twitter for their weekly 50% off Happy Hour


Staying charged with Urban Extras

Keeping up to date with all our lovely customers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is one of our favourite jobs. As there are so many of you (and we love you all) we must make sure we’re always fully charged!


Check out these amazing coloured cables to keep you charged in style! (And look at that, they’ve got them in our company colours)

Where there is tea – there is hope

Tea is liquid energy in our books and our favourite tea this month is Pukka Vanilla Chai! Great if you’ve got a super sweet tooth and need something to warm you up and get you raring to go for the day.


Pukka Vanilla Chai

So where will we be this Spring?


Sat 22nd March – Leeds

Sun 23rd March – York

Sat 29th March – Cumbria


Sun 6th April – Bethnal Green

Sun 27th April – Manchester


Sat 3rd May – Bristol ***NEW VENUE***

Sat 3rd May – Newcastle

Sat 10th May – Lincoln

Sun 11th May – Reading

Sat 17th May – Ipswich

Sat 17th May – Glasgow

Sun 18th May – Edinburgh ***NEW VENUE***

Sat 24th May – Birmingham

Sat 31st May – Bath 

Spruce up your Spring wardrobes the affordable vintage way and join at an event near you!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ xx

Scotland Ahoy!

Greetings vintage fans!

The wind in our hair. Dusty on the speakers. Vans packed like sardine cans filled with vintage bits – it’s official, we LOVE a road trip! This very afternoon, we’re off on a spot of travelling, bringing our vintage fair to one of our all-time faves – EDINBURGH! Part of the official Fringe festival festivities, we’re filling Lothian Road’s Picture House with a spot of this (and couldn’t resist sharing…)

Salvating? We thought so! If you’re in the neighbourhood, come say hello and if not, click here to see if we’ll be seeing you soon!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Forgive us readers, for we have sinned…


Forgive us blog readers, for we have sinned; caught up in the madness and maelstrom of everyday life (and watching WAY too much ‘Game of Thrones’), we’ve ignored this little blog of late, putting it on a back burner so far away that said back burner is simply a blip in the distance. Well, ‘NO MORE’ we cry! But where to begin?? With life moving a mile a minute at the moment, we figured let’s play on that classic TV show trait and have a quick catch-up. Cue opening credits (bonus points if you comment below with a suggested tune that we should have as our ‘Judy’s Vintage Fair’ theme song…) and a booming voice as we give you ‘previously at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair…’

We saw taxidermy at Chester…

…as well as some rather yummy cakes.

Coasters caught our eyes…

…and the Vintage Furniture Flea came to town.

We brought retro travel to Old Spitalfields…

…and got literary in Leeds!

We fell into red dress heaven at the Corn Exchange…

…and found some excellent specs to match!

And end scene! A lovely little visual treat, we hope that’s caught you up (and expect more from us this week!)

Retro Regards (and sorry once more!)

The scribes at Judy HQ x

Dress to Impress!

Greetings vintage fans,

Sometimes, a dress comes along that is so out-and-out beautiful that we would sell our own mothers down the river to get it (sorry Mum, we’ll pick you up before the river hits the sea!) This floral ditty (pictured above) is such a garment! Brought to our attention by the aptly-named ‘Time of your Life’ vintage, we envisage having exactly that – twirling in parks, long lazy brunches, dance floors and weddings. Flower power to the max, we think we’ve fallen in floral love!

Yours longingly,

Judy HQ x

The Shoestring Challenge

Greetings Vintage Fans.

Highstreet’s going bust, no dollar for the heating, having to LITERALLY eat a horse – it’s not often that we find ourselves quoting him but, to borrow a line from Mick Hucknall, the money really is “too tight to mention.”

Red-headed dooms-daying aside, even we vintage fans are feeling the pinch. And so, ‘WHAT TO BE DONE??’ said we, stroking our imaginary beards. With our traders genuinely bringing the cheapest, most thrilling, bargain-riddled stock around we pondered on how to make the world see our affordability. AND THEN IT CAME! behold vintage fans, ‘THE SHOESTRING CHALLENGE!’

To quote those little green aliens from Toy Story 1, “ooohh, aahhhhh!”  So, what’s it all about? At each of our fairs over the next few months, we’re going to be pairing up with bloggers and setting them a mission, a mission dedicated to THRIFT! With funding coming out of our own pocket, we’re giving the bloggers a budget and setting them one task only: see what you can get for it! Some will go for quantity, others quality – some will choose outfits and some home bits. Overall, we want to give YOU, our fans, inspiration to get out there, take a chance on a fair and [all being well] come away with some gems [and change from a twenty!]

Starting this Saturday at Edinburgh with the lovely Ema from, we can’t wait! Stay tuned next week for the results.

If you’re a blogger and want to be involved, we want to hear from you! Pop us an email on and let’s get the ball a-rolling!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ [and Mick!] x


Bright Young Things at Cambridge

Greetings Vintage Fans!

Bringing all the glamour of the 1930s to the Guildhall last Saturday, we were STUNNED [yes jaw-on-the-floor STUNNED] by these gorgeous original ’30s gowns from Charlotte Rose Vintage…

With Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ only months away, we wish we’d bought them so that we could Charleston around a la Carey Mulligan all the way home!


Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Happy New Year Vintage Fans!

Greetings Vintage Fans [and a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!]

As many of us have pulled ourselves out of bed, waddled to the office and packed away the tree [lest bad luck rain down on us ALL!] we just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year from Judy HQ! With ample vintage fairs, markets and special events taking over the calendar, we’re starting the year with a can-do attitude and labeling 2013 as the year that’s not just lucky for some [but lucky for EVERYONE!]

For all of our dates, remember to keep a peeper on our Facebook and Twitter and if you ever have any questions, then feel free to give us a shout!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Nice Rack!

Put your eyes back in your sockets vintage fans, for we mean literally! This lovely wee magazine rack comes courtesy of LOVE ME AGAIN! vintage [we like the name, needy but endearing!] and is up for grabs at Edinburgh’s Affordable Vintage Fair this weekend.

Much more efficient than the floor [or a magazine fort – we thought about it for a while but heck we’ve seen 127 hours – there’s got to be nothing worse than being trapped under an avalanche of old-school Harper’s Bazaars!] we’ll be racing you to the stall!