A Belated Birthday Miss Monroe



















‘Belated Birthdays’ – we know the phrase too well! (sorry Mum!) The quickening pace, the rush to the card shop, the ramming of a gift speedily through the door – one big car crash of selotape and sorrys and ‘how could I forgets!’

This week however, the birthday is a little less personal, yet still one that we simply couldn’t miss. On Saturday June 1st, it was perhaps Hollywood’s most beloved bombshell’s birthday – Marilyn Monroe. ‘Marilyn?’ you may utter, eyes rolling, tongue clucking. ‘What a cliche!’ True, she may be more celebrated and infamous than most, a poster girl of the glamorous past, all lashes and rouge and coochy-coo. But still, WHAT an icon! (Did you not see ‘Some like it Hot??) From the voice to the demeanor to her belief in the power of shoes (sing it sister!), Marilyn, we will always love you!

And so, a little later than intended, how to toast such a wonderful young woman? Through the medium of montage of course, with some of our favourite Marilyn moments…

































































































































Marilyn, your magic lives on. Happy Birthday lady!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x