Forgive us readers, for we have sinned…


Forgive us blog readers, for we have sinned; caught up in the madness and maelstrom of everyday life (and watching WAY too much ‘Game of Thrones’), we’ve ignored this little blog of late, putting it on a back burner so far away that said back burner is simply a blip in the distance. Well, ‘NO MORE’ we cry! But where to begin?? With life moving a mile a minute at the moment, we figured let’s play on that classic TV show trait and have a quick catch-up. Cue opening credits (bonus points if you comment below with a suggested tune that we should have as our ‘Judy’s Vintage Fair’ theme song…) and a booming voice as we give you ‘previously at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair…’

We saw taxidermy at Chester…

…as well as some rather yummy cakes.

Coasters caught our eyes…

…and the Vintage Furniture Flea came to town.

We brought retro travel to Old Spitalfields…

…and got literary in Leeds!

We fell into red dress heaven at the Corn Exchange…

…and found some excellent specs to match!

And end scene! A lovely little visual treat, we hope that’s caught you up (and expect more from us this week!)

Retro Regards (and sorry once more!)

The scribes at Judy HQ x

Dotty Dolly does Newcastle’s Affordable Vintage Fair

Greetings vintage fans,

Ever ones for collaborations/ showing off new blogs, we were thrilled when wordsmith and photographer extraordinaire ‘Dotty Dolly‘ [aka Jade] said boo to the downpour and popped over to Newcastle’s Affordable Vintage Fair for a spot of vintage sleuthing. Want to know how she got on? Take it away Miss Dolly…

“Despite the torrential downpour, bitter winds and looking like drowned rats, Daisy (from Daisy’s dreams) & I had the most fantabulous day (As you are about to discover). We ventured down to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in Newcastle which has been travelling all over and was everything (and more) that we expected!”

“Northumbria’s Student Union was transformed into a vintage lovers haven and was adorned with many individual stalls selling everything from tea & cake, bath products and handmade dresses to retro sunglasses, Levi’s shorts and beautiful handbags! Daisy and I were in our absolute element however, considering the ‘spending ban’ we’re both supposed to be on, we did manage to limit our spending. It became apparent we have similar style when we both went for a sparkly little shift dress from Tallulah vintage! Fortunately there was two and so we walked away happy girlies! It’s going to be perfect for day & night and i don’t doubt it will be on my blog soon!”


“One stall that caught our eye was Craft Kitten. It’s a lovely little business run by a lovely  lady who sells lovely handmade accessories. I couldn’t believe how intricate each piece was! Wouldn’t those headbands be so perfect for a wedding? (I just need someone to get married now…)”

“We decided to have a little tea break at the vintage tea party too (which was adorable). The crockery was provided by the lovely ladies at Ruby’s tea party and the delicious cupcakes were made by Food Nation. It was such a perfect (and inevitably scrumptious) combination!”





“So, not only could we buy tea, cake & pretty dresses, but we could also get our hands on some beautiful soap products too! How adorable is this cake slice from Granny Sally’s soap kitchen? We were gutted we couldn’t eat it… (probably for the best!)  Make sure you check out their site for yummy products!

Overall It was such a lovely day, and definitely worth going! Be sure to check out all the sites linked, especially Daisy’s lovely blog! Xxx”

So, there we have it folks – bargain hunting, cake baking and a spot of soapy sorcery! Thanks to bloggers Dotty Dolly and Daisy’s Dream for coming along and for the latest on when we’ll be bringing our retro operation to you, click here.

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Our bags are packed for Judy’s at Old Spitalfields!

Greetings vintage fans!

Just TWO days away, we’re counting down the sleeps to London’s largest free vintage marketplace – Judy’s at Old Spitalfields! 

With a giddy spring theme featuring, let’s just say our trader’s stock, well, it’s great to say the least! Never ones to keep things to ourselves [unless it’s cake that is!] here are our top picks…

Trader: Before Brasilia

Trader: Claudia Kirkman

 Trader: Claudia Kirkman

Trader: Latham Street Vintage

Trader: Love Inc Ltd.

Trader: Maxi Moo Moos

Trader: Mitty Dotty Vintage

Trader: The Upcycling Emporium

Trader: Vintage Promise

Are you excited? Because WE’RE EXCITED! Bringing over 70 amazing traders all readyand aiming to please, for more on Judy’s at Old Spitalfields, click HERE

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Judy’s at Old Spitalfields: Becky Bedbug and the Love List.

Greetings vintage fans,

It’s official – love is in the air! On the countdown to V-day, we recruited blogger Becky Bedbug to act as resident cupid at The Old Spitalfields Market on Saturday, compiling a ‘Love List’ of things not to be missed. Take it away Becky…

“Yesterday, I posted all about the amazing street style at Judy’s Vintage Fair at Spitalfields. Well, as well as snapping photos of the lovely shoppers, I also compiled a love list of all the great things for sale. As I was shopping, I was keeping an eye out for anything that would make a great Valentine’s gift. After much deliberation, I’ve nailed it down to my favourite items. Ready for a love fest? Let’s go!”

“My first stop was the wonderful I Heart Vintage. After visiting Judy’s at Spitalfields in August, I sang the praises of this lovely stall and it’s owner, Rebecca. Seriously, she is pretty much the nicest person ever. Not only does she always have time to speak to everybody who visits, but she remembers everything I’ve ever bought from her… and that’s a lot! In fact, nearly everything in this post is from I Heart Vintage!”

“I love this heart adorned jug and glass set. Perfect for a Valentine’s-inspired kitchen. This vintage Mr and Mrs building blocks set is super cute. Perfect for a wedding present, don’t you think? (By the way, I’m gutted that I didn’t notice that adorable little dog next to the blocks. I hope he found a good home!) “

“From there, I headed over to Madame Fifi Presents, where I spotted this gorgeous little piggy bank. I know I’ve mentioned before that pigs are my favourite animals and I can’t resist cuties like this one. I tried, really I did, but by the end of the day, I had to go back to adopt it!”

 “Madame Fifi Presents also had these super cute brooches. I think the duck one is my favourite. Quack”

“There was more vintage brooch goodness to be had over at Magpie’s Attic. I clearly have a thing about animal-shaped brooches. These flamingoes are pretty amazing, right? Unfortunately, I’m not really very good at accessorising, otherwise I’d have been all over these babies!”
“Also at Magpie’s Attic was this amazing 1970s Marie Antoinette-esque top. It’s absolutely incredible! It actually came from a theatre costume company which I find pretty cool. How I wish it would have fit me! I’m not even joking when I say it would never come off! I really hope somebody found it a loving home.”

 “Over at X-Spex, there was a whole range of amazing eyeglasses and sunglasses alike. This pretty pink pair were getting a lot of love. They were just a little small for my face, unfortunately. Thanks for the round face, Mum!”
“Sticking with the accessories theme, these heart shaped earrings at Eclectique Chic. How perfect would they be as a Valentine’s gift? I love the rainbow jewels around the edge.”

“Over at Old Pony Vintage, there was a whole assortment of eclectic goodies such as these rather amazing scissors. At least, I think they’re scissors. On closer inspection, they may be some sort of pincer device. Nevertheless, they’re insanely ornate and I love them!”

 “Vintage books from Claudia Kirkman. I adore books in the first place but the beautiful covers here are absolutely captivating.”

“As a new enthusiast to film photography, I was pretty spellbound by this array of vintage cameras. Perfect gift for the guy in your life. Or the girl who loves film photography. Cough.”

“There were more gifts for guys over at Before Brasilia. I’m a big fan of globes so this was heaven for me!”

“Still over at Before Brasilia, I spotted these dominoes. This was a big deal for me because my grandad had the exact same box of Greyhound Dominoes. My brother and I used to spend hours playing with them as children so seeing this box again was like travelling back in time. Such a magical moment!”

“There were also more traditional Valentine’s items on the stall, like this beautiful heart-shaped chocolate box.”

!Finally, it was time to stop off for a quick cupcake break from Betty Lou’s Bakery before heading home.”

“After trying a Terryriffic Chocolate Orange last time, I settled for Luscious Lemonade this time around. It was just as good! Absolutely scrumptious!”

“Phew! After a long-very happy- day, I headed home, laden with the Madame Fifi Presents money box, a huge red 1960s Samsonite bag from Before Brasilia and the start of a deer collection bought at I Heart Vintage. Altogether a very productive day!”

And there we have it folks – LOVELY INDEED! To hear more from Becky, click HERE and stay tuned tomorrow for our favourite voyeuristic activity – STREET STYLE!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Draper on drapes…

Greetings vintage fans,

Ahead of this Saturday’s MASSIVE vintage fair at the Old Spitalfields Market, London, we’ve had a little dalliance with the national press – hooray!

Writing in Saturday’s Times, Mark Bridge wrote that “mid-century furniture and accessories have been coveted by design buffs for years, but recent appearances on the 1960s-set of Mad Men have hugely widened their appeal.” He then mentioned JUDY’S AT SPITALFIELDS as the place to get them!

With stalls like these, we’ll be going Draper on our drapes before you know it!