Aloha, Aloha!


Greetings Vintage Fans,

In this somewhat tropical weather, we admit that it’s pretty easy to forget that we’re in England. With that in mind (and wanting to put a midweek grin on your face!) we couldn’t help but share this snap from our last Spitalfields fair – can you guess which place this trader seems to think he’s in?

Aloha, aloha! Enjoy the weather vintage fans!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Raise the Roof – London’s BIGGEST Vintage Fair returns!

Raise the roof vintage fans, for in a matter of days, London’s BIGGEST vintage fair is back in town!

Yes, we too are looking at our watches AGHAST! Almost a full calendar month since our last jaunt to Old Spitalfields, we’re back once more, bringing the best in vintage and retro (just in time for payday – SCORE!)

Always fans of memory lane (figuratively of course – although if anyone does know an actual PLACE called ‘Memory Lane’ then that would be kind of cool!) we’ve nabbed some snaps from blogger ‘Becky Bedbug‘ to get you in the mood…

Titilated? YES WE ARE! For anyone in the neighbourhood, pop into The Old Spitalfields Market (near Liverpool St) and give us a wave from 11am!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Forgive us readers, for we have sinned…


Forgive us blog readers, for we have sinned; caught up in the madness and maelstrom of everyday life (and watching WAY too much ‘Game of Thrones’), we’ve ignored this little blog of late, putting it on a back burner so far away that said back burner is simply a blip in the distance. Well, ‘NO MORE’ we cry! But where to begin?? With life moving a mile a minute at the moment, we figured let’s play on that classic TV show trait and have a quick catch-up. Cue opening credits (bonus points if you comment below with a suggested tune that we should have as our ‘Judy’s Vintage Fair’ theme song…) and a booming voice as we give you ‘previously at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair…’

We saw taxidermy at Chester…

…as well as some rather yummy cakes.

Coasters caught our eyes…

…and the Vintage Furniture Flea came to town.

We brought retro travel to Old Spitalfields…

…and got literary in Leeds!

We fell into red dress heaven at the Corn Exchange…

…and found some excellent specs to match!

And end scene! A lovely little visual treat, we hope that’s caught you up (and expect more from us this week!)

Retro Regards (and sorry once more!)

The scribes at Judy HQ x

Judy’s at Old Spitalfields: The Rock n Roller Special

Greetings vintage fans!

The hair, the swagger, the moves (like Jagger) – there’s nothing we love more than a good rock and roller! Ahead of tomorrow’s very special Judy’s at Old Spitalfields (featuring a rockabilly theme with live music and booze from the folks at Sailor Jerry’s) we’ve decided to get in the mood by perusing our rock and roll idols from the 50s and 60s. Quoffed hair, tailoring (and bags full of talent) have a peruse below…
































Feeling the urge to shake those hips? We don’t blame you! For any of you wanting to pop along, our FREE fair will be taking place at The Old Spitalfields Market (near Liverpool St) from 11am – 5pm on Bank Holiday Monday (For all the details, click HERE)

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Judy’s at Old Spitalfields – Retro goes YELLOW!

Greetings Vintage Fans!

Always a sucker for a theme, last Saturday we popped on our shades and said hello to Spring by turning our monthly Judy’s at Old Spitalfields event our favourite shade – YELLOW! Inviting bloggers ‘Fancyfull‘ to come act as our retro musketeers [or should that be ‘mustardeers?’ No? Ok then!] here’s how they got on…

“Nicci and I were thrilled to be invited down to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair to be their official Yellow Hunters! We only had eyes for the bright stuff and ferreted out all the best yellow wares the wonderful vendors had brought with them. We both really enjoy Judy’s fairs, they live up to their affordable name and we always hunt out some beautiful items to add to our burgeoning collection of second hand and vintage goods!”


“The gorgeous tea cup, Playmobil figurine and the amazing Sylvanian Families were from the wonderful Magpie’s Attic. I (Lucy) had such an obsession with Sylvaninan Families when I was younger and Nicci has promised to take me to the Sylvanian Families shop in Finsbury Park very soon.”

“This wonderful vintage filing cabinet would even manage to brighten up the always dull job of filing. Find it at Plan for Mondays where Lucy got an amazing suitcase from at the last Judy’s fair and we would strongly recommend hunting this stall out at all Judy’s fairs.”

“Seeing these vintage Girl Guide pins from Vintage Promise has made me (Lucy) dig out my old sash and start wearing those old pins and badges with pride!”

“These were a very, very small section of the amazing egg cups on offer at The Eggcuppery. I think they may become a new favourite collectors item here at Fancy Full.”


Dabber Decades had the wonderful knnited dress, great 60s blouse and these super summery Mary Quant sunglasses. They had gone all out on the yellow front!”

“With April looming on the horizon, april showers can’t be far behind. This vintage yellow raincoat from Old Pony Vintage would cheer anyone up on a drizzly day.”

“What more could you want from a scarf? yellow + horses equals a dream scarf. Find this beauty from Tapestry Boutique. Nicci picked up a beautiful shirt from here as well.”

Love Inc Ltd had one of the best yellow themed displays on their stalls. We seriously loved all their items and we could have quite happily bought everything!”

“These beautiful vintage dresses were from the lovely Tallula Vintage. The one with the hello yellow label was my absolute favourite.”

“We wanted all the globes that Before Brasilia had to offer, they were all so vibrant and would have made the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom. (Lucy went on to purchase the large red circular suitcase to add to the growing suitcase collection.)”

“They also had this amazing Silver Jubilee Colman’s mustard set which whilst looking lovely I doubt you’d want to sample the mustard inside!”

“Check back at Fancy Full in the next few days and we’ll be sharing all our street style pics that we snapped of all the well turned out vintage shoppers.

Lucy and Nicci xx”

And there we have it folks – what did you think of our yellow retro fiesta? Feel free to comment below or leave us your thoughts on our official fanpage.

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x


Judy’s at Old Spitalfields: Hello Yellow!

Greetings vintage fans!

With Spring [and the return of our free London bonanza, ‘Judy’s at Old Spitalfields’] just around the corner, boy do we have a treat for you! Teaming up with London bloggers  ‘Fancy Full‘ [check them out here, they are lovely!] we are saying ‘HELLO YELLOW’ and showcasing the very best in vintage wares, all in our favourite colour!

From mustard through to sunny brights, expect fashion, homewares, street style and accessories to [colour] pop you out of the cold! With a full preview to come, here are two beauties from trader ‘Before Brasilia to get you in the mood…’

Lovely stuff indeed! For further information on how you too can let the sunshine in with Judy’s at Old Spitalfields, check out our event link here.

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ! x

Hooray! Yippee! It’s the Vintage Furniture Flea!

Vintage Fans!

Today, we’re coming to you LIVE from one of our favourite retro events – THE VINTAGE FURNITURE FLEA! Bringing AMPLE affordable furniture and homewares to the wonderous York Hall, we thought we’d give you a little visual incentive to COME ON DOWN…

See – we told you it was good! For more on the Flea, take a look here and if you’re out and about London town, come see us today ’til 4:30pm!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Judy’s at Old Spitalfields: Becky Bedbug and the Love List.

Greetings vintage fans,

It’s official – love is in the air! On the countdown to V-day, we recruited blogger Becky Bedbug to act as resident cupid at The Old Spitalfields Market on Saturday, compiling a ‘Love List’ of things not to be missed. Take it away Becky…

“Yesterday, I posted all about the amazing street style at Judy’s Vintage Fair at Spitalfields. Well, as well as snapping photos of the lovely shoppers, I also compiled a love list of all the great things for sale. As I was shopping, I was keeping an eye out for anything that would make a great Valentine’s gift. After much deliberation, I’ve nailed it down to my favourite items. Ready for a love fest? Let’s go!”

“My first stop was the wonderful I Heart Vintage. After visiting Judy’s at Spitalfields in August, I sang the praises of this lovely stall and it’s owner, Rebecca. Seriously, she is pretty much the nicest person ever. Not only does she always have time to speak to everybody who visits, but she remembers everything I’ve ever bought from her… and that’s a lot! In fact, nearly everything in this post is from I Heart Vintage!”

“I love this heart adorned jug and glass set. Perfect for a Valentine’s-inspired kitchen. This vintage Mr and Mrs building blocks set is super cute. Perfect for a wedding present, don’t you think? (By the way, I’m gutted that I didn’t notice that adorable little dog next to the blocks. I hope he found a good home!) “

“From there, I headed over to Madame Fifi Presents, where I spotted this gorgeous little piggy bank. I know I’ve mentioned before that pigs are my favourite animals and I can’t resist cuties like this one. I tried, really I did, but by the end of the day, I had to go back to adopt it!”

 “Madame Fifi Presents also had these super cute brooches. I think the duck one is my favourite. Quack”

“There was more vintage brooch goodness to be had over at Magpie’s Attic. I clearly have a thing about animal-shaped brooches. These flamingoes are pretty amazing, right? Unfortunately, I’m not really very good at accessorising, otherwise I’d have been all over these babies!”
“Also at Magpie’s Attic was this amazing 1970s Marie Antoinette-esque top. It’s absolutely incredible! It actually came from a theatre costume company which I find pretty cool. How I wish it would have fit me! I’m not even joking when I say it would never come off! I really hope somebody found it a loving home.”

 “Over at X-Spex, there was a whole range of amazing eyeglasses and sunglasses alike. This pretty pink pair were getting a lot of love. They were just a little small for my face, unfortunately. Thanks for the round face, Mum!”
“Sticking with the accessories theme, these heart shaped earrings at Eclectique Chic. How perfect would they be as a Valentine’s gift? I love the rainbow jewels around the edge.”

“Over at Old Pony Vintage, there was a whole assortment of eclectic goodies such as these rather amazing scissors. At least, I think they’re scissors. On closer inspection, they may be some sort of pincer device. Nevertheless, they’re insanely ornate and I love them!”

 “Vintage books from Claudia Kirkman. I adore books in the first place but the beautiful covers here are absolutely captivating.”

“As a new enthusiast to film photography, I was pretty spellbound by this array of vintage cameras. Perfect gift for the guy in your life. Or the girl who loves film photography. Cough.”

“There were more gifts for guys over at Before Brasilia. I’m a big fan of globes so this was heaven for me!”

“Still over at Before Brasilia, I spotted these dominoes. This was a big deal for me because my grandad had the exact same box of Greyhound Dominoes. My brother and I used to spend hours playing with them as children so seeing this box again was like travelling back in time. Such a magical moment!”

“There were also more traditional Valentine’s items on the stall, like this beautiful heart-shaped chocolate box.”

!Finally, it was time to stop off for a quick cupcake break from Betty Lou’s Bakery before heading home.”

“After trying a Terryriffic Chocolate Orange last time, I settled for Luscious Lemonade this time around. It was just as good! Absolutely scrumptious!”

“Phew! After a long-very happy- day, I headed home, laden with the Madame Fifi Presents money box, a huge red 1960s Samsonite bag from Before Brasilia and the start of a deer collection bought at I Heart Vintage. Altogether a very productive day!”

And there we have it folks – LOVELY INDEED! To hear more from Becky, click HERE and stay tuned tomorrow for our favourite voyeuristic activity – STREET STYLE!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

£1 Sale – are there any sweeter words?

£1 sale – are there any sweeter words? Sent to us by drool-worthy homeware trader ‘Plan for Mondays,’ this case of £1 goodies is coming to The Vintage Furniture Flea THIS SUNDAY! We will literally race you to those plates – BRING IT ON!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Retro Retail Therapy AHOY!

Morning vintage fans!

Busy as bees this weekend, we wanted to remind YOU that we’ve got two of the best vintage events, like, E-V-E-R coming to London and Edinburgh right now! [sorry – in total Cher mode. Where did I put my fluffy pen..??]

Bringing both Judy’s at Spitalfields AND The Edinburgh Vintage Kilo Sale to your doorstep, click through for details and be sure to say heyy!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x