Aloha, Aloha!


Greetings Vintage Fans,

In this somewhat tropical weather, we admit that it’s pretty easy to forget that we’re in England. With that in mind (and wanting to put a midweek grin on your face!) we couldn’t help but share this snap from our last Spitalfields fair – can you guess which place this trader seems to think he’s in?

Aloha, aloha! Enjoy the weather vintage fans!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Game, Set, Spitalfields!

Greetings vintage fans,

After a such a rapturous, sun-soaked, victory-filled few days, pardon us if we let out a walloping ‘PHWOAR, WHAT A WEEKEND!!’ 30 degree heat, Murray, ice-cream – it could be the e-numbers and endorphins talking but what a corker the past few days have been!

Adding to this head-spinning euphoria is of course the fact that we set a course for East London on Saturday, bringing our legendary ‘Judy’s at Old Spitalfields’ event back to the capital. Ever on the hunt for retro treasures, here’s how we got on…

Tropical sideboards, floaty dresses, cupcakes filled with Pimm’s (yes, you heard us, PIMM’S! What kind of delicious sorcery is this?!) – a retro recipe for the perfect London day in the sun.

In addition to plentiful shopping bags (and empty purses) came an abundance of great London street style. Aided by our friends from ‘Back of the Wardrobe,’ check out these stunners below…

A testament to the fact that there’s an alternative look to ‘sweaty mess’ on a boiling London day (not that that’s how we looked, dear reader. ‘Glowing’ is how we’re marketing it!) we certainly left inspired!

And so, another super Spitalfields down, we’re headed to bed to dream of tennis, rays and THAT cupcake.

Retro regards,

Judy HQ x

Oh my (Dog) Days! Florence Welch & The Vintage Furniture Flea

Greetings vintage fans,

Celebrity klaxon alert! Returning to Bethnal Green’s York Hall last Sunday, we spotted a famous face amongst the crowds- siren Florence Welch! Perusing the stalls for furniture and wares, we thought that she looked AWE-SOME! (scroll down to see!)

In addition to her hat, Fair Manager Scarlett’s dress and more cakes than our bellies could take, we also fell for the picnic set pictured below – perfect for an English meadow or park in the fleeting summer sun!

All in all, we had a ball and can’t wait to come back! For the latest on our movements, be sure to peruse here and until then, adieu – we’ll be coming to you soon!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Raise the Roof – London’s BIGGEST Vintage Fair returns!

Raise the roof vintage fans, for in a matter of days, London’s BIGGEST vintage fair is back in town!

Yes, we too are looking at our watches AGHAST! Almost a full calendar month since our last jaunt to Old Spitalfields, we’re back once more, bringing the best in vintage and retro (just in time for payday – SCORE!)

Always fans of memory lane (figuratively of course – although if anyone does know an actual PLACE called ‘Memory Lane’ then that would be kind of cool!) we’ve nabbed some snaps from blogger ‘Becky Bedbug‘ to get you in the mood…

Titilated? YES WE ARE! For anyone in the neighbourhood, pop into The Old Spitalfields Market (near Liverpool St) and give us a wave from 11am!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Judy’s at Old Spitalfields – Everything Looks Rosie does the Love List

Greetings vintage fans!

To quote one of our fave retro crooners, “love is in the air!” [do-do-do, do-do-do] Ahem – singing aside, today we continue on with our blogger challenges with the wonderful Rosie Steer searching Old Spitalfields for a Love List to dream of! Take it away Rosie…

“14 February is fast approaching, and whether you go googly-eyed for all things Valentine’s, or are cynical about the whole thing, there’s no avoiding it. Press releases have been winging their way into my inbox since December with the dreaded V-Day subject line (seriously – could we not get Christmas out of the way first?!) and filled with hearts, pink and fluffy things and more often than not a gift guide in at least some guise. While I love flowers, chocolate and lingerie as much as the next girl, sometimes just a little imagination can mean so much more.

As one of Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair’s resident bloggers, today I took part in an extra-special Valentine’s themed blogger challenge at their monthly fair at Old Spitalfields Market. Becky Bedbug and I were tasked with compiling a ‘Love List’ of our favourite items at the fair. Armed with my ‘Love List’ sign and a red heart-shaped balloon, and with the romantic theme in mind, I set about perusing the stalls with the goal of finding and sharing with you some suitably retro gifts for guys and gals this Valentine’s.”

“Madame Fifi Presents is new to the Judy’s stable – it was their first fair today and they looked like they were having a great time! I was first drawn to their sparkly collection of brooches and trinkets, including this adorable owl. However, it was this beautiful men’s vanity kit that particularly caught my eye – this full set was in great condition and would be the perfect present for a well-groomed gent.”

“Old Pony had a fascinating collection of historical artifacts and quirky objets d’art. I was cooing over their retro crockery when I spotted vintage gold (to me anyway) – a Singer sewing machine. My Gran was a dressmaker, so sewing machines have always held a particular fascination to me and one day I would love to own a vintage Singer of my own. This one was in perfect condition and all wired up ready to go. I was SERIOUSLY tempted – if only we had the room. There was no question about it, this had to go on the Love List. I was drawn to this little owl as well – sounds strange, but it made me think of one of my friends, which reminded me that gal pals deserve some Valentine’s love too and that sometimes the best presents are those that really mean something, just between the two of you.”

“If you’re looking for a slightly different gift, then Vintage in Print has a beautiful selection of vintage photography, specialising in fashion photography and retro ads. In fact, for Christmas Al and I unwittingly purchased vintage prints for one another at Judy’s December fair. I blogged about the lovely Vintage in Print then too, as they really make the perfect gift for vintage photography aficionados and lovers of old advertisements alike. At the fair today this David Bailey shot of Grace Coddington (yes I’m obsessed, ok?) and stunning Helmut Newton shot of Twiggy really stood out for me.”

“I was spoilt for choice at the aptly named Magpie’s Attic with the most beautiful jewels, trinkets and stylish retro artefacts. This lovingly-curated collection is the work of mother-daughter duo Sarah and Emilie. Each item seems to have a story and mystique about it – you really get the feeling that Magpie’s Attic want to share a piece of this magic with you. I felt their vintage jewels in particular would make a lovely gift; the high street’s mass-produced Valentine’s tat is a million miles away from this. You feel as though each piece has a history and that by owning it you would become the next part of its story. Magpie’s Attic genuinely believe that certain items are meant to belong with some people and you can’t fault Sarah’s eye! This beautiful sapphire and diamond ring and black onyx cufflinks and tie pin set made my Love List – both would make a meaningful and memorable gift.”

“I’ve saved the best ’til last: I couldn’t resist the gorgeous I Heart Vintage – Rebecca had truly embraced the theme with all things cute, kitsch and Valentine’s-appropriate. Along with her staple offerings of sweet knick-knacks and feminine retro homeware, there was a smattering of Valentine’s-themed objects; highlights for me included these adorable heart tins and vintage ‘Love is’ mirrors. Far from saccharine sweet, I Heart Vintage has a great sense of humour – check out those kitsch ’50s cat figurines and the cheeky Adam and Eve bottle openers that Judy’s previewed on their Facebook page If your loved one has a penchant for florals and love hearts then you would be spoilt for choice, but I Heart Vintage has its tongue firmly in its cheek too and has some brilliant witty gifts. I bought Al some whisky glasses with sweet and funny ‘Scottish scenes’ on for Christmas and there was plenty from here on my Love List today.”

“I also covered the fair (and the progress of my Love List) on the Judy’s Facebook Fanpage – thank you for having me Judy’s! Lastly, I couldn’t resist sharing these shots of two stylish shoppers. I liked this chic vintage-goer’s all black outfit with a pop of blue, and her two-tone hair got a lot of love on Facebook! This dapper chap caught my eye with his clever accessorising and bicycle-print shirt. What’s not to love?!”

There we have it – loveliness indeed! From more from Rosie, click HERE.

Thanks for reading vintage fans – we’ll be back at Old Spitalfields on the first Saturday of March so hopefully see you there!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Must be love, love, love…


Greetings vintage fans!

With February [and V-day!] fast approaching, we’ve gone all googly-eyed for the new month, running an extra-special BLOGGER CHALLENGE at our Spitalfields fair on Saturday!

Partnering up with the wonderful Rosie Steer and Becky Bedbug, the gals shall be compiling our Judy’s Love List, looking for items [like Mr. Sheep below] that we just can’t live without! On the hunt for cute couples and knock-out outfits too, prepare to be papped!


Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Guest Blog: Frankie’s Kitchen does Spitalfields

Oh vintage fans, we do love a guest blogger! Not purely because they do all the work, but because it’s lovely to see the fairs through a fresh set of eyes! This week, we challenged vintage and gastro enthusiasts Frankie’s Kitchen to have a wander at our Spitalfields event [and wander they certainly did…]

“Occasionally Frankie likes to venture out of her kitchen and go in search of fantastical vintage wonders. This week i found myself surrounded by cupcakes, pooches and and more vintage ware than you can shake your stick at – all under one roof at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Spitalfields. Here’s a few of the wonderous sights I saw whilst there.”

“The Flavourtown Bakery boys hard at work….”

“THE best whoopie pie flavour….Battenburg cake!”

And there we have it, another happy shopper proving that this blogging malarky is ‘piece of cake.’ [yes. we went there.]


We are the Champions [Part 2]

Ready for our daily outfit fix, we’re back with guest blogger Rosie Steer and another set of envy-setting ensembles, fresh from The Old Spitalfields Market. Take it away Rosie- we can hardly wait!

“One of my favourite things about vintage fairs, markets and festivals is the people watching. I love to see the different ways people re-interpret vintage influences or channel retro elements in their style. Hopefully I’ve demonstrated the eclectic mix of styles at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair this weekend as I made a conscious effort to record a diverse selection of outfits! Part one of my Judy’s at Spitalfields street style post had a great response – thank you! Here are the rest of the prize-winning outfits…”

“This was one of my favourite outfits, particularly as the more I looked, the more styling surprises were revealed! For example, these gorgeous pink daisy print trousers are actually a jumpsuit fashioned into a pair of high waisted trousers – two outfits for the price of one! I made a mental note to try that tip, I think it looks really cool with the bralet especially with the clashing floral patterns. I really like the way a ladylike blouse has been knotted at the waist and used as a chic cover-up too. I also loved these tweed detail brogues, but then we all know I’m a sucker for a good brogue…”

“This lovely retro ’70s style paisley print initially caught my eye. A little unusual for a men’s shirt and I liked the combination of a casual untucked shirt with tapered chino trousers too, cleverly styled with a vintage scarf as a belt. John Lennon glasses finished a casual but put-together outfit.”

“More polka dots! This time mini ones on a retro midi-length tea dress, very 1940s. The dress was styled simply with mainly black pieces, a black cardigan, cross-body bag and mid heel that let the print do the talking. Accessories let the wearer’s personality shine through – a ladylike headpiece, lace print glasses and a slick of red lipstick.”

“Scarf print shirts are big news this summer and I saw several vintage versions at the fair. This green and blue Versace-esque style makes a bold statement and can be dressed down for day, as it is here with skinny jeans, aviator jacket and brogues, or dressed up for a night out with a pencil skirt and heels.”

“I love the way this fair-goer has used volume in her ensemble, balancing a voluminous blouse with skinny tailored trousers. The kitsch vintage print and button detail on the oversized blouse are really cute, but skinny trousers and patterned ‘brothel creepers’ toughen up the look considerably. Extra points here for the most striking haircut!”

“Even more polka dots! Ok, I may have a slight obsession… However, I couldn’t not take this girl’s picture. I love the oversized spots and the shape of this dress, a really unusual, ’80s-style double-breasted cut. The way this stylish shopper played with proportions by layering also stood out for me; the cropped trousers and bracelet-length sleeves under the dress add an extra dimension to the look.”

“The weather may have been rainy outside but this summery look brought a touch of sunshine to Spitalfields. I like the way an overtly girly pleated net skirt has been paired with a fun printed top in coordinating colour; the mushroom colour of the skirt is picked up in the print of the T-shirt. The straw trilby completes the easy breezy holiday vibe of this look – now where’s the sun?!”

“Some great use of colour here too: the block colours of the bright blue colour pop trousers and clashing peach converse and handbag are picked up in the colours of this ’80s-tastic stylised floral print top. I like the reflective aviator glasses and pink toy watch too.”

“I liked the use of neutrals in this lovely feminine outfit. Neutrals can be really hard to pull off, especially when several shades are involved, but this vintage shopper gives a lesson in how to work them. It’s all about contrasting textures to break up the look, such as floaty chiffon with a crisp cotton shirt in the above outfit, and choosing complementary hues: here the blouse is pink-toned and the beige skirt also has a touch of pink.”

“This has to be the most striking outfit of the day – WOW! This bold all-in-one is really ’80s, I love the unusual pattern and bright yellow hue. I enjoy the use of proportion here too; the exaggerated shoulders of the jacket balance out the skintight lower half of the outfit. The bag has to be one of the most impressive I saw at the fair and those platforms were definitely the highest heels! Kudos! What I liked most about this outfit was the way it perfectly summed up this shopper’s confident, bubbly personality.”

“Final outfit! I’m a real magpie for patterned shirts and this one really caught my eye. It’s from the vintage shop that the girl in the previous picture works in (these two are friends and probably the most stylish duo at the fair!). I like the oversized collar and unusual print – its owner described it as her “tetris shirt” which I thought was very apt – and the way it’s been styled with the cropped jumper and red leather pencil skirt. Fabulous loafer-style platforms and vintage bag too, and I love all the rings.

Thanks again to Kieran for asking me along, and to Sophie who managed the fair on Saturday and scouted some outfits with me in the latter half of the fair! I officially can’t wait until the next one. See you there!”


Well there we have it folks – outfit inspiration and a half! To keep an eye on Rosie’s other adventures, visit her blog HERE and, for anyone wanting a vintage fix of their own [alongside live acts and…wait for it…a DOG SHOW] we’re back at Spitalfields for a FREE event on Bank Holiday Monday! [Hooray!] For all the details, click HERE



We are the Champions [part 1]

Oh vintage fans, who we LOVE a challenge [especially when we’re the ones setting them!] Saturday past, we sent blogger extraodinaire Rosie Steer to the Old Spitlafields Market for a spot of street style [with a twist.] Only allowed to select TWENTY OUTFITS [oh the humanity if it all!] here’s how she got on…

“I loved this Sandy from Grease meets nineties grunge look. This stylish shopper balanced glamourous skintight trousers (American Apparel’s ‘disco pants’ I think) with a simple printed T-shirt, mannish, oversized denim jacket and black patent Dr. Martens. Look carefully and you will see the Olympic rings printed in her undercut hairstyle style – now that’s commitment to sporting style. Love the vintage doctor’s bag too.”

“Military influences were all over the catwalks for A/W ’12. A military style jacket gives a feminine lacy dress such as this one a tough edge. Nineties references are everywhere too, so this jacket ticks two trends in one. I spotted plenty of similar style nineties camouflage jackets on the retro-filled rails today so get down to the Affordable Vintage Fair if you want to snap one up! Top marks for the white Converse and sporty backpack too – practical and stylish.”

“This retro ensemble was a stand-out for me because of the sheer attention to detail. From the top of her beehive to the tips of her Mary-Janes, you have to reward this girl’s commitment to vintage. The chic printed shift dress and matching retro red accessories could give Betty Draper a run for her money in the ladylike stakes.”

“Clever accessorising adds personality to a simple black-skirt-with-white-blouse-combination. Pops of burgundy stand out against the monochrome base and chunky metal jewellery toughens up a school chic, girlish outfit. I absolutely love the attention-to-detail of this outfit, which carefully balances girlyness and masculine touches, for example the way chunky shoes are paired with cute ankle socks. I absolutely love the hat – especially with the co-ordinating pink streak in the hair!”

“The classic trench is hard to beat, and this gorgeous leather-trim trench gives a quintessential design a modern update. I loved how this stylish shopper paired hers with tailored shorts and a feminine floral shirt. Note the gold Western-style detail too – it’s all about the collar for next season. The neon belt gives a pop of colour and round retro frames top a winning look.”

“This ’60s style ensemble caught my eye – the anorak and skinny trousers are Mod perfection. I love the combination of khaki and dusky pink too, and the way the jacket balances the softness of the pink trousers and ditsy print shirt. I loved the brogues too!”


“The mixture of a gorgeously girly retro print floral dress with chunky boots is always a winner in my book, giving an edge to an otherwise feminine look. I like the cycling shorts underneath the dress too – a great way to increase the everyday wearability of shorter flirty frocks.”


“Polka dots have to be one of my all time favourite prints. This slouchy jumpsuit is a fun and gorgeously retro way to wear the pattern. I really like the pared back styling too – simple charm necklaces and classic Converse let the jumpsuit do the talking.”

“This chic vintage fair-goer told me her unusual dress was a Belgian vintage shop find. The slouchy shape and striped pattern are a retro take on this season’s pyjama trend. What I liked most about this outfit was the clever use of colour and prints. The green and grey stripe of the dress are picked up in the accessories: mint and green polka dot tights, mint floral tote and those gorgeous mint brogues. The subtle mixing of prints works because of the complementary colour palette.”

“Paisley was all over the catwalks for S/S ’12; from Stella to Céline, designers were championing the retro print. This colourful paisley print paired with the voluminous smock shape nods to seventies style, whilst masculine brogue boots keep the look fresh and modern.”

Crikey indeed! To see more from Rosie [and a sneak-peek of part two!] click here




Spitalfields Supreme

Hello all!

In the spirit of TRUE vintage blogging, we’re harking back to APRIL 2012 in a bid to catch-up with what we’ve missed [FYI: hiding under your bed with old Vogues and merlot won’t result in any task doing itself- no blogging elves or self-typing laptop ever saves the day!]

Let us paint a picture for you…the year was, well, this year. The weather was… concrete at best. The destination was a bustling east-London market that we’re learning to call our own. Enter a petite young thing fresh out of wartime and forties from head to toe. She was Naomi. We said hello. Our story started here.

The market was of course that of Old Spitalfields which we have been occupying since it’s Saturday doors yawned open last year. Our heroine [for all plugged-in to the ever growing vintage scene] is stylist, savant [and all-round good egg] Naomi Thompson [aka Vintage Secret, the UK’s leading vintage stylist]

The meeting? Not one of chance. With Naomi jetting off every other day for book tours [her is very good by the way!] styling and general vintage whimsy, fitting into her schedule is like trying to capture a hurricane with bare hands only.

Cigarette in hand, Naomi had kindly taken some down time to help us out; indulging in our own twisted take on the Olympics [none of the running and all of the praise!] Naomi was on hand to give out gold medals and goodie bags to our best-dressed guests . With one residual puff, into the market we strut to scan, award and glorify what wonderful street style east London had to offer.

The results? As you can imagine, the choice was a TOUGHIE! So diverse were the styles and eclectic the eras that Bill & Ted couldn’t even keep up!

Instead of waxing lyrical, we’ve picked out our favourite visuals for you to coo over…

Now, we fell head over heels for all of the outfits above but one shopper, in a pair of Jeffrey Campbells [that we almost mugged her for – damn you unsuitable getaway shoes!] knocked us for six in the style stakes…

And there we have it – another Saturday among the stalls! Only in it’s infancy, Spitalfields will be back on Saturday 7th July [we’re having June off to chin-chin the Queen and even have a GIN!] For more information on the fair, click here and to pay Naomi a visit, click here!