A Sartorial Summer – August vintage events coming near you!


Can you believe that this weekend, August will have arrived? Although the British Summertime has left something to be desired (soggy would be putting it politely), August brings a whole wealth of fun summery activities – festivals, family days out and of course, a good few vintage fairs! Here’s out guide to which august vintage events you can expect from us over the next few weekends.

bethnal green

The Vintage Kilo Sale
August 2nd – York Hall, Bethnal Green
August 8th – Wasps Artists Studios, Glasgow

The Vintage Kilo Sale hits both North and South this fortnight, bringing with it a ton of festival clobber to get you in the mood for the likes of Reading & Leeds, V Fest, Boardmasters, Wilderness and Creamfields. We’ll be stocking plenty more besides – in London we’ll be joined by Vintage Promise for all your jewellery needs, and in Glasgow we’ll have Dear Rose With Love onboard.

Expect plenty of upcycle-worthy stock as well as ready-to-wear pieces, ranging from dresses to denim, skirts to shorts and a few retro suprises…

To learn more, check our event pages here (London) and here (Glasgow)



Judy’s Affordable Vintage Weekender – The Edinburgh Fringe Edition!
August 8th & 9th – Out Of The Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh

All our scots friends are in for a treat next weekend! We’re taking over the OOTB Hall for two whole days of retro fun. Expect over 30 stalls packed with incredible vintage fashion, accessories and homewares, the perfect excuse to fill your wardrobes in time for a last minute August getaway or summer wedding.

For all the lowdown, visit us on Facebook here.
Need a pair of sunnies to wear to our August events…
We’ve also got a lovely treat for all our readers! We were recently sent a wonderful pair of prescription eyeglasses from GlassesShop.com. They provide some fab cheap eyeglasses – music to our ears. With so many pairs to choose from we felt spoilt for choice. We love the dimple and pearl detail on these classic cat eye frames.
They also have a campaign running called ‘First Pair of Glasses Free‘…which does what it says on the tin! A free pair of prescription eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses (just pay
for shipping)
They also given us the code GSHOT50 for half price on all other frames! How great is that! Get over there asap vintage fans!

Scotland Ahoy!

Greetings vintage fans!

The wind in our hair. Dusty on the speakers. Vans packed like sardine cans filled with vintage bits – it’s official, we LOVE a road trip! This very afternoon, we’re off on a spot of travelling, bringing our vintage fair to one of our all-time faves – EDINBURGH! Part of the official Fringe festival festivities, we’re filling Lothian Road’s Picture House with a spot of this (and couldn’t resist sharing…)

Salvating? We thought so! If you’re in the neighbourhood, come say hello and if not, click here to see if we’ll be seeing you soon!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Hopping the border once more, it’s Edinburgh’s Affordable Vintage Fair!

Greetings vintage fans!

Never ones to stay away long, this very Saturday we’re thrilled to be packing our kilts and heading for the hills, bringing Edinburgh’s Affordable Vintage Fair to town!

Feeling like keeping things visual, we wanted to give your peepers a few reasons to pencil it in the diary by showing off the stock shots below…


Bringing a retro treasure trove for one day only, click here to get involved!

Retro Regards [and see you Saturday!]

Judy HQ x

The Shoe String Challenge: Edinburgh

Greetings vintage fans,

As January ticks on, there’s one day we can’t wait for – PAYDAY!!! [you thought we were going to say ‘Valentines day,’ didn’t you? FOOLED YA!]

More ready than ever for some retro retail therapy, we ask you – do you think you could have the patience and the nouse to find an outfit for no more than £20 at one of our fairs? Luckily, we know someone who does! Armed with only a £20 note, retro know-how [and a whole lot of hope], we let blogger Ema Mcleary [from isitvintage.com] loose on Edinburgh’s Affordable Vintage Fair to see what she could find…

 *Black dress from Nells Vintage Boutique £5.00

*Floral chiffon blazer from Memoir Vintage £5.00

*Studded black belt from Vi Nouveau £1.00

*Bag from Vi Nouveau £4.00

*Velvet headband from Tallula Vintage £5.00

“These are the results from my Shoestring Challenge from Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. The task seemed difficult at first because I needed a base to plan the outfit around. I think that when you are thrifting it is important to buy things that you are going to wear. With vintage clothing always make sure that there is no holes or tears in the material and that you are getting value for money. Remember that clothing that was made in the 80s or earlier isn’t generally going to be made the same way that it is today, so it is important to try things on first. 

The first item I bought was this chiffon blazer from Memoir Vintage. I love the colour with the black floral design coming through. It originally had a waistcoat inside but I customised it by taking the blazer out and stitching it back up. It let me begin to plan the outfit as I picked an item that I could work from and at £5.00 it was a complete find!

The black dress was perfect as it didn’t take the attention away from the blazer. I love the shape and the faint pleats at the bottom of the dress. The studded belt that I added around my waist made it look a bit more interesting and broke the outfit up. Plus it only cost £1.00!

The bag is such a nice shape and I love the triangle design at the front with the long strap. It also has lots of compartments inside with several zips. It is real leather, which is a steal at £4.00! All of Vi Nouveau‘s bags were vintage and were such a bargain.

This handmade velvet headband from Tallula Vintage is so perfect. I love the brooch at the front and it’s the perfect shape as some headbands like this can be too tight around your head. I will definitely be wearing this in future blog posts.

Altogether I managed to spend the full £20.00 and got so many items with the money. There were so many items at the fair that I could have bought and found it difficult to pick between things because they were all so brilliant! 

Everything that I bought was great value for money and it just shows you that Judy’s really is affordable!”

For more from Ema [and snaps from Edinburgh!], visit her blog here.

There we have it – old-world glamour [without breaking the bank!] The first of a full season of Shoestring Challenges, tune in next time to see what we find!


Retro Regards,


Judy HQ x



Set saliva settings to ‘drool’…

Vintage fans, it’s FRIDAY and that means that our HUGE Edinburgh Vintage Sale is “only a dayyy awayyy” [must fight urge to burst into Annie in its entirety.] Ahem. Never fans of patience, we’ve decided to give you a sneak-peek into what our traders will be bringing. Set your saliva glands to ‘drool’ and let’s take a look…

HUBBA-HUBBA! To find out more on the sale, click HERE [and we’ll see YOU tomorrow!]


Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

The Shoestring Challenge

Greetings Vintage Fans.

Highstreet’s going bust, no dollar for the heating, having to LITERALLY eat a horse – it’s not often that we find ourselves quoting him but, to borrow a line from Mick Hucknall, the money really is “too tight to mention.”

Red-headed dooms-daying aside, even we vintage fans are feeling the pinch. And so, ‘WHAT TO BE DONE??’ said we, stroking our imaginary beards. With our traders genuinely bringing the cheapest, most thrilling, bargain-riddled stock around we pondered on how to make the world see our affordability. AND THEN IT CAME! behold vintage fans, ‘THE SHOESTRING CHALLENGE!’

To quote those little green aliens from Toy Story 1, “ooohh, aahhhhh!”  So, what’s it all about? At each of our fairs over the next few months, we’re going to be pairing up with bloggers and setting them a mission, a mission dedicated to THRIFT! With funding coming out of our own pocket, we’re giving the bloggers a budget and setting them one task only: see what you can get for it! Some will go for quantity, others quality – some will choose outfits and some home bits. Overall, we want to give YOU, our fans, inspiration to get out there, take a chance on a fair and [all being well] come away with some gems [and change from a twenty!]

Starting this Saturday at Edinburgh with the lovely Ema from isitvintage.com, we can’t wait! Stay tuned next week for the results.

If you’re a blogger and want to be involved, we want to hear from you! Pop us an email on vintagecontent@yahoo.co.uk and let’s get the ball a-rolling!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ [and Mick!] x


Scotland you corker!

Like an impatient child in a sweet shop [should that be shoppe? Depends on the sweet!] we’ve badgered and harassed our photographers for snaps from our Edinburgh return last week. AND NEWS JUST IN! They’re here [and by golly they’re good!]

With 1300 of you coming out, Scotland what a corker! Roll on September 22nd [Edinburgh] and September 23rd [Glasgow] for our return!



Caught in the act…

Oh vintage fans. You know what kind of day it is when you’re caught with your hand in the biscuit barrel and it’s not even noon. However, when the barrel looks like that, WHO CAN BLAME YOU? From trader s LOVE ME AGAIN,  pop along to our EDINBURGH FAIR [if you’re north of the border] and grab it for yourself. Now, where did i put that Bourbon?