The Shoe String Challenge: Edinburgh

Greetings vintage fans,

As January ticks on, there’s one day we can’t wait for – PAYDAY!!! [you thought we were going to say ‘Valentines day,’ didn’t you? FOOLED YA!]

More ready than ever for some retro retail therapy, we ask you – do you think you could have the patience and the nouse to find an outfit for no more than £20 at one of our fairs? Luckily, we know someone who does! Armed with only a £20 note, retro know-how [and a whole lot of hope], we let blogger Ema Mcleary [from] loose on Edinburgh’s Affordable Vintage Fair to see what she could find…

 *Black dress from Nells Vintage Boutique £5.00

*Floral chiffon blazer from Memoir Vintage £5.00

*Studded black belt from Vi Nouveau £1.00

*Bag from Vi Nouveau £4.00

*Velvet headband from Tallula Vintage £5.00

“These are the results from my Shoestring Challenge from Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. The task seemed difficult at first because I needed a base to plan the outfit around. I think that when you are thrifting it is important to buy things that you are going to wear. With vintage clothing always make sure that there is no holes or tears in the material and that you are getting value for money. Remember that clothing that was made in the 80s or earlier isn’t generally going to be made the same way that it is today, so it is important to try things on first. 

The first item I bought was this chiffon blazer from Memoir Vintage. I love the colour with the black floral design coming through. It originally had a waistcoat inside but I customised it by taking the blazer out and stitching it back up. It let me begin to plan the outfit as I picked an item that I could work from and at £5.00 it was a complete find!

The black dress was perfect as it didn’t take the attention away from the blazer. I love the shape and the faint pleats at the bottom of the dress. The studded belt that I added around my waist made it look a bit more interesting and broke the outfit up. Plus it only cost £1.00!

The bag is such a nice shape and I love the triangle design at the front with the long strap. It also has lots of compartments inside with several zips. It is real leather, which is a steal at £4.00! All of Vi Nouveau‘s bags were vintage and were such a bargain.

This handmade velvet headband from Tallula Vintage is so perfect. I love the brooch at the front and it’s the perfect shape as some headbands like this can be too tight around your head. I will definitely be wearing this in future blog posts.

Altogether I managed to spend the full £20.00 and got so many items with the money. There were so many items at the fair that I could have bought and found it difficult to pick between things because they were all so brilliant! 

Everything that I bought was great value for money and it just shows you that Judy’s really is affordable!”

For more from Ema [and snaps from Edinburgh!], visit her blog here.

There we have it – old-world glamour [without breaking the bank!] The first of a full season of Shoestring Challenges, tune in next time to see what we find!


Retro Regards,


Judy HQ x