1950s Vintage: A Betty Draper take on Chester & Cambridge

Greetings Vintage Fans,

From the soundtrack to the scotch and the costumes and one liners, it goes without saying that we are still [and always will be] totally infatuated with Mad Men. That said, this weekend at both our Chester and Cambridge vintage fairs, one was all but inundated with a plethora of 1950s vintage pieces, all of which wouldn’t look out of place draped on a Draper. Selecting just three, here are our picks…

 Trader: Magnifique

 Trader: Divine InterVintage

 Trader: Rebecca-Jade’s Vintage

If THAT wasn’t enough, fair founder [and outright vintage junky] Judy picked up what can only be describes as the mother of all hauls from Chester, including some very fifties bits…

Tea tray? Check. Owl bottle opener? Check. Sewing box? Check. Judy annual? Check. The ultimate showstopper of the set, Judy couldn’t resist this stunning 1950s vintage dress, complete with one of the sweetest prints we’ve ever seen…

Darling indeed! And so with a full heart [and an empty wallet] we say thank you to all who came to Chester and Cambridge [and all of our other events for that matter!] We’re off to kick back with Don, Betty, Peggy and Joan and indulge in a little ’50s reverie.

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x