Cheaper than chips, The Vinage Kilo Sale Returns!


Greetings Vintage Fans!

So, as you probably know, that most momentous of events, The Vintage Kilo Sale, calls at London this Saturday, bringing 5 TONNES of vintage stock at a meager £15 per kilo. So affordable that it makes ‘Bargain Hunt’ look like Harrods, we wanted to show off some of our favourite bits…

Appetites whet? We thought so! For all the details of Saturday’s Bethnal Green event, click here.

See you soon vintage fans!

Judy HQ x


A cheeky trip to Condale

Greetings vintage fans. Are you well/ blossoming in this pseudo-spell of Springtime heat? Many a pasty leg has seen the light of late [our limbs included] – like Casper at the Seaside – MUST.GET.TANNED.

So, yesterday evening, we took a little jaunt over to Sheffield to go see one of our fave new sing-song duos, Summer Camp. Why are we telling you this on this most hallowed of fashion blogs? Because we FRIKKIN loved their outfits…

Aztec prints, crucifix earrings, more totally tropical than a Lilt Lady – lovechild with Mr Delmonte himself. Watching longingly from the It Box [don’t be deceived by the above VIP ‘side of stage’ photo – my arms just have the dexterousness of your average school project pipe-cleaner – handy!] safe to say,  we loved it.

And the music? As painfully 80s/ 90s infused as the shirt on Jeremy’s back; dreamy synth, lyrics brimming with the angst of a thousand corridors and a performance bursting like bubble-gum, leaving us pink and sticky in the face [which we’re TOTES ok with btw!]  – check out their album ‘Welcome to Condale’ here.