Game, Set, Spitalfields!

Greetings vintage fans,

After a such a rapturous, sun-soaked, victory-filled few days, pardon us if we let out a walloping ‘PHWOAR, WHAT A WEEKEND!!’ 30 degree heat, Murray, ice-cream – it could be the e-numbers and endorphins talking but what a corker the past few days have been!

Adding to this head-spinning euphoria is of course the fact that we set a course for East London on Saturday, bringing our legendary ‘Judy’s at Old Spitalfields’ event back to the capital. Ever on the hunt for retro treasures, here’s how we got on…

Tropical sideboards, floaty dresses, cupcakes filled with Pimm’s (yes, you heard us, PIMM’S! What kind of delicious sorcery is this?!) – a retro recipe for the perfect London day in the sun.

In addition to plentiful shopping bags (and empty purses) came an abundance of great London street style. Aided by our friends from ‘Back of the Wardrobe,’ check out these stunners below…

A testament to the fact that there’s an alternative look to ‘sweaty mess’ on a boiling London day (not that that’s how we looked, dear reader. ‘Glowing’ is how we’re marketing it!) we certainly left inspired!

And so, another super Spitalfields down, we’re headed to bed to dream of tennis, rays and THAT cupcake.

Retro regards,

Judy HQ x

A Belated Birthday Miss Monroe



















‘Belated Birthdays’ – we know the phrase too well! (sorry Mum!) The quickening pace, the rush to the card shop, the ramming of a gift speedily through the door – one big car crash of selotape and sorrys and ‘how could I forgets!’

This week however, the birthday is a little less personal, yet still one that we simply couldn’t miss. On Saturday June 1st, it was perhaps Hollywood’s most beloved bombshell’s birthday – Marilyn Monroe. ‘Marilyn?’ you may utter, eyes rolling, tongue clucking. ‘What a cliche!’ True, she may be more celebrated and infamous than most, a poster girl of the glamorous past, all lashes and rouge and coochy-coo. But still, WHAT an icon! (Did you not see ‘Some like it Hot??) From the voice to the demeanor to her belief in the power of shoes (sing it sister!), Marilyn, we will always love you!

And so, a little later than intended, how to toast such a wonderful young woman? Through the medium of montage of course, with some of our favourite Marilyn moments…

































































































































Marilyn, your magic lives on. Happy Birthday lady!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Hopping the border once more, it’s Edinburgh’s Affordable Vintage Fair!

Greetings vintage fans!

Never ones to stay away long, this very Saturday we’re thrilled to be packing our kilts and heading for the hills, bringing Edinburgh’s Affordable Vintage Fair to town!

Feeling like keeping things visual, we wanted to give your peepers a few reasons to pencil it in the diary by showing off the stock shots below…


Bringing a retro treasure trove for one day only, click here to get involved!

Retro Regards [and see you Saturday!]

Judy HQ x

Behind The Seams of Newcastle’s Affordable Vintage Fair…

Greetings vintage fans!

On Saturday just gone, we kicked-off what might have been one of our favourite vintage challenges yet – The Retro Detectives – over at Newcastle’s Affordable Vintage Fair. Recruiting bloggers and making them face a detective test so rigorous Miss Marple would look like an amateur [only joking!] we’re going to hand you over to Eve from ‘Behind the Seams,’ on the hunt for everything 1950s…

“In 1957 when Harold Macmillan said ‘we’ve never had it so good’ I can only presume he was referring to the fashion.  This was the dawn of consumerism, years of the perfect housewife and glorifying freedom after wartime austerity.  The end of fabric rationing and developing of new synthetic materials, meant à la mode clothing was brighter, neater and more accessible than ever before.  Being born in 1992 this feeling of great change was one I could only dream of so I was happy to spend my Saturday dipping into a decade gone by.

With all this excitement in mind a group of friends and I went along to ‘Newcastle’s Affordable Vintage Fair’ at Northumbria University’s Students Union. So enthused by ’50s fashion was I that I took my role as ‘Retro Detective’ very seriously and scoped out the stands for full circle dresses, floral prints, straight skirts, neat jumpers, silk scarves and delicate blouses.”

“Even half an hour before opening time there was a flurry of people outside and a snaking queue inside as everyone waited to get their hands on some vintage delights. With over 25 stalls on offer, there was something for all, with clothing stretching from the  1920s right up to the late ’80s [as well as some brand new items made using restored materials.]  With the screen idols of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor in mind, I roped my friends into being models for the day, dressing them in the best picks found.”


“All the items worn here are from ‘Dog and Bone Vintage’ and ‘Ragpuss Vintage Textiles’ to whom I must thank Maureen Morano for her wonderful eye for sourcing, and helping to gather these pieces together.  It was a real challenge to find fitting ’50s pieces as we concluded women must have been much smaller then, and wondered if we should all go back to a diet of rationing! My favourite item has to be the floral dress worn by Ness –  it so perfectly encapsulates the time and, with the addition of a cute hair scarf, she embodies the perfect housewife. I also love Becky’s dirndl skirt with delicate lace trim and the straight plaid skirt which Robyn wears, the colours all so wonderfully bright.

In addition to the pieces the girls modeled, here a few of my other favourites from the fair:”

“The duck-egg blue and silver thread jumper is something I was immediately drawn to – teamed with a straight skirt and string of pearls it really would be perfect. There were ample gorgeous full-skirted floral dresses which one could wear in the evening (with a layered underskirt) or without. If I was fortunate enough to actually fit into this red and navy skirt, I definitely would have snapped it up (with its almost nautical feel and precise tailoring, it truly was wonderful!)  For people unsure of whether to immerse themselves fully into vintage, there were plenty of accessories to delight in, including costume jewellery, hampers of scarfs and hoards of little handbags which had a nod to the era.”

“With all the running around, grabbing items, gleeful photo taking and battling with blistered heels (my own fault!) it was lovely to sit down and grab a bite to eat at the pop up café by Food Nation and Ruby’s Tea Party. We had the afternoon tea, and later cupcakes and lemonade – truly divine!”

“I absolutely loved my day of being a Retro Detective and hunting for the best of the 50s. I would really urge you to keep tracks on the ‘Judys Affordable Vintage’ website and shimmy on down when one comes close to you. I’ve been to many vintage fairs over the years but this has to be the best, featuring reasonable prices, friendly staff and fabulous fashion to boot!

NB. Big thank-you’s go to Judy Berger and Kieran Leckey for inviting me along as well as to Katie Lowe, Rosie Stephen , Ness Staite, Sophie Bell, Becky Kenning and Robyn Dickson for being my models for the day (:”

And there we have it folks – a winning report from a day up North! Stay tuned tomorrow for more Retro Detectivery and for all wanting to get involved, simply comment below!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x



1950s Vintage: A Betty Draper take on Chester & Cambridge

Greetings Vintage Fans,

From the soundtrack to the scotch and the costumes and one liners, it goes without saying that we are still [and always will be] totally infatuated with Mad Men. That said, this weekend at both our Chester and Cambridge vintage fairs, one was all but inundated with a plethora of 1950s vintage pieces, all of which wouldn’t look out of place draped on a Draper. Selecting just three, here are our picks…

 Trader: Magnifique

 Trader: Divine InterVintage

 Trader: Rebecca-Jade’s Vintage

If THAT wasn’t enough, fair founder [and outright vintage junky] Judy picked up what can only be describes as the mother of all hauls from Chester, including some very fifties bits…

Tea tray? Check. Owl bottle opener? Check. Sewing box? Check. Judy annual? Check. The ultimate showstopper of the set, Judy couldn’t resist this stunning 1950s vintage dress, complete with one of the sweetest prints we’ve ever seen…

Darling indeed! And so with a full heart [and an empty wallet] we say thank you to all who came to Chester and Cambridge [and all of our other events for that matter!] We’re off to kick back with Don, Betty, Peggy and Joan and indulge in a little ’50s reverie.

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x










Draper on drapes…

Greetings vintage fans,

Ahead of this Saturday’s MASSIVE vintage fair at the Old Spitalfields Market, London, we’ve had a little dalliance with the national press – hooray!

Writing in Saturday’s Times, Mark Bridge wrote that “mid-century furniture and accessories have been coveted by design buffs for years, but recent appearances on the 1960s-set of Mad Men have hugely widened their appeal.” He then mentioned JUDY’S AT SPITALFIELDS as the place to get them!

With stalls like these, we’ll be going Draper on our drapes before you know it!


Fifties Sense!

As a male, 20-something blogger [who has *wait for it* only seen 2 series of Mad Men] writing about the 50s and before always proves, well, a little tricky. That’s not to say i harbor any bad taste for the decades – they were divine in their own right and hats off to all who grew up in/ cherish/ wear them today.

Although not quite abandoning them to a pseudo-fashion-room-101, I think it’s the femininity that gets me. The frills, the florals and victory rolls are a little too much.

This isn’t to say i’m some sports-cheerin’ beer-swillin  XY-chromosoned archetype of masculinity [far from it] The brazen feminity of the 60s and the 70s captivates me. Perhaps it is the sheer text-book femininity of the fifties [the swooshing dresses, the flowers, the hair made-oh-so-nice] that frightens me, leaves me running to the glitter-ball androgyny of the 70s and on [where i feel most comfortable]

That said, I couldn’t help but share this dress with you from trader Your Vintage Life [and available at Oxford’s Affordable Vintage Fair this weekend.] TOTES contradictory to my mantra, i can’t help but feel love for it. And why? Not because of the cut, the warm, almost Autumnal florals or the time it represents,  but because I get the overwhelming sense that it has lived; worn in parks, dance-halls, homes and hearths – who knows! Whether in a Betty-Draper monochrome [or a grittier, British reality] – it’s era doesn’t matter to me.

Strip me of my prints, grab the tweed [and fire-up Mad Men series 3] – there’s hope for me yet!