How to avoid a hair-mare at the Cambridge Vintage Fair

Greetings vintage fans,

Short cuts, long cuts, cuts that fill you with dread – we all know what a nightmare getting retro hair can be and so, this week, we decided to call in the experts. Coming to our Cambridge Vintage Fair this very Sunday, we chatted to retro beauticians ‘Salon Vintage‘ on the hows and whys of good vintage hair [and the styles that should NEVER come back…]

Q. Hey Venetia! Thank you for talking to Judy HQ! Now then, can we ask – how did it all begin??

A. Well, Vicky, George and I are all hair stylists and/or make-up artists who have been practising for many years now [more than we can count!]. Back in the day, I did a course called ‘Vintage Hair Styling for Camera’ followed by a course purely for vintage make-up, leading to a job working with The Vintage Hair Lounge (based in Southampton) at Goodwood Revival in September of last year. Vicky & George soon caught the bug and did the training too! Qualifications done, we then chose our vintage identities – Queenie, Vi & Georgie-Pie and ‘Salon Vintage’ was born!

Q. Now, with vintage fans being so eclectic, do you ever get any crazy requests?

A. Not crazy exactly, as almost anything goes, but we did have one customer who wanted to look older [crazy in our eyes!] and we were happy to oblige! She did indeed look older after being styled but most people just want to see a different look in the mirror and we never fail to disappoint. The ability to transform someone is a  fantastic perk and we love to see the look on their faces when the finished look is revealed to them!

Q. Just as certain eras of vintage are popular on the runways at the moment, do you find that that there are certain decades or looks that are on trend?

A. The most popular era is definitely the 1940s; victory rolls, land girls and head scarves, followed closely by 1960s beehives. Actually, at the moment one of the hottest trends is the 1950s beehive – a softer version than the 60s one, very classy & sophisticated! The most popular make-up feature is most definitely bright red lipstick – gorgeous on everyone!

Q. And for all those who want to try it at home ,are there are any products or tools that are a must-have in order to get the look?

A. There are 3 things that anyone would need to create a style at home – lots of grips & pins, lots of backcombing – not as damaging to the hair as most people believe – and finally, a ton of hairspray. In terms of make-up, we sell a fantastic range of vintage-inspired cosmetics – Besame is a great one [the packaging is pure luxury!]  It looks amazing on your dressing table and the colours are truly vintage. The ‘Red Hot Red’ lipstick (Marilyn Monroe’s favourite) is an absolute must to get the look!

Q. And finally, are there any vintage hairstyles that you NEVER want to see again?

A. Definitely the 1970s mullet – what on EARTH were people [i.e we] thinking!!

And there we have it folks, follicle tips from insiders in the know! If you’re popping down to the Cambridge Vintage Fair on Sunday and fancy some affordable retro TLC, email to book in [and for all the details on our Cambridge Vintage Fair, click HERE]

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x