Vogue 100 Manchester: A Century Of Style



Well well well…it looks like summer has finally arrived! Like classic brits we’ve rejoiced at the sudden sunshine, but like the dodgy-tanline-phobics we truly are, we’ve also enjoyed spending our summer downtime indoors.

And where better to spend a lazy day than in the cool surrounds of a museum? We’ve been fans of the Manchester Art gallery for some time, but when we discovered that it was to be the new home of the Vogue exhibition, we hotfooted it across the pennines faster than you could say ‘couture darling!’

A celebration of the whopping 100 years of Vogue’s history, ‘A century of style’ is a must-see for both fashion and photography fans. Seeing those iconic images of supermodels from the ages in glorious technicolour really reinforces the power of both styling and advertising, as well as the changing demands of publishing.It’s all here in a succinct exhibition – the uptight, unobtainable 1940s of couture, the cheeky fun of the 90s Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss era, right up to our modern days obsession with ‘celebrity’ coverstars. We could have spent hours pouring over each image – not bad for a free exhibition!

With back issues laid out in glass cabinets, a trip to the Vogue 100 it’s the perfect opportunity to brush up on your fashion history. A true fashion bible of our times, we can barely believe it’s already 100 years old. Long live Vogue!