New Season – New Specs!

Are you a wearer of specs?

Are you looking for a pair of vintage inspired or true vintage glasses? 

Your search is over! Our wonderful trader I Need Spex have just branched out and are now offering Vintage and Vintage inspired specs and reglazing as part of their service.

Our Brand and Event Manager Emily got her fabulous Vintage glasses (an eBay find) reglazed by I Need Spex recently and can’t stop bragging about the quality, speed and care they took making them the perfect fit…


 Vintage glasses are delicate things so many opticians refuse to reglaze them for you (what’s a girl or guy to do?) Don’t fret, I Need Spex can do it for you – HOORAH!

You pop them in the post and they get delivered straight back to you – how easy is that?


Here’s Emily in her specs…SPECtacular don’t you think? (Sorry we couldn’t resist)

Reglazing starts at £15 – an affordable option (and you know how much we like the word affordable at Judy HQ)!

Check out I Need Spex reglazing options here.

With summer just around the corner we may just have to order ourselves some Vintage (or Vintage inspired) sunglasses too – start at £25 (including prescription lenses) we might have to get a couple of pairs…just because!


What about these amazing 60’s beauties?


Or how about these statement specs?

Take a look at I Need Spex Vintage/Retro range here.


Let’s not forget our wonderful trader Auntie Aviator the winner of the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for best stall at Spitalfields! If you want to get yourself some new specs and live in London, Auntie Aviator will be at our Bethnal Green event on April 6th.


Our lovely followers over on Twitter have also recommended a few other websites to snap up a pair of Vintage and Vintage inspired specs:

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