VandOak Post: Rainy Day Wear

Has it been a week already? Well it has been a very busy one here at the V&OAK office, and hence it has flown by so quick! Last week, I revealed some of my very favourite magazine covers, of which there are many more. Today, as I look out into a dark grey sky, my mind is on a very British subject – the weather.

We shouldn’t complain really, because although rain is promised for the next four days, at least it’s not… well, you know what I mean, and I don’t want to jinx it. So today, I’m taking my pick of the best vintage rainy-day essentials out there.

This 1980s coat has had a leopard print fabric added to the collar, transforming it from something that’s handy in cold weather into a hope-it’s-cold-enough-to-wear-this-coat coat.

£48 from 5678Vintage (

Every wardrobe needs a red coat for those days when you just want to stand out from the play-it-safe crowd. This bright number appears to be a genuine Valentino, complete with gold buttons to make you feel like a star.

£45 from Izzie Roffe-Sylvester (

This Sixties ensemble is just too cute; a matching bag and umbrella which can fit together just like so. The umbrella on its own is a clear plastic with little ducks and flowers printed on it. The patent bright yellow bag is just the thing to brighten up a rainy day. Take the matchy-matchy look to the max, and add wellies with yellow accents, such as the adorable pair below.

£38.96 from Le Double Ve Vintage (

Wellies needn’t be clunky green things, reserved only for muddy festival fields. The great British winter calls for seriously waterproof footwear. These high shine Jules wellies with adorable yellow ribbons won’t look out of place worn out and about in town or on the morning commute.

£79.95 from Jules (|BLACK)

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the week ahead!

Anastasia Grabova from V&OAK (

VandOak Post: My Favourite Vintage Magazine Covers

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and nowhere does this adage ring as loud and clear as in the world of magazines. I personally am a hoarder of these things, particularly first issues (LOVE Magazine, I hope to keep you forever), limited edition covers and of course vintage magazines.

In this internet age, we have gazillion pictures and articles at our very fingertips, and yet there is nothing quite like a properly curated magazine, meticulously designed and arranged in order. A good magazine promises to show you the very best in its subject matter, be it fashion, or interiors or goldfish keeping, without endless trawling through the vast ocean of information online.

An old magazine makes even more enticing promises; to open the door to a whole other time and sometimes country, revealing the zeitgeist of just a few months in history. And an old fashion magazine doesn’t just show us how people dressed, it reveals so much about the culture and politics of the time.

I do adore history, and fashion, and magazines, and have the immense pleasure of being the Editor (and founder) of V&OAK magazine, a newly launched print magazine for vintage, handmade and upcycled style. I am fortunate to say that it is my job to look at magazines, and lots of vintage ones at that. In my ceaseless search for inspiration, I have found many vintage covers to call favourites, but have attempted here to narrow them down to a very lovely five.

This January 1939 Vogue cover is so rare that even Google Images hasn’t heard of it, and I am left to present to you a lopsided photograph of it. My fiancé gave this to me as Christmas present last year alongside other Vogue-themed pressies (a vintage edition from the month I was born, a subscription and a box of 100 Vogue cover postcards). I believe he chose this particular cover because of my penchant for skiing, finding out in the process that ski covers are few and far between. These days they just don’t feature sport on fashion magazine covers at all.

This particular cover was brought, cover-mounted and ready to frame, from Vintage in Print (, a company we happened to see at Judy’s Vintage Fair in Spitalfields last December. Nicky Young, owner of Vintage in Print has since told me that the cover was shot by Horst P. Horst, who incidentally is the subject of a retrospective at the V&A later this year. Definitely one to put in my diary!

This July 1932 Vogue cover is the first to have been photographed and not illustrated. At the time, it was considered an innovative move, and paved the way for a more experimental approach to fashion magazine covers. The photographer Edward Steichen was known for playing with lights and shadow, as can clearly be seen from his debut magazine cover. He had made his name photographing the celebrities of the day in this unique style, including Greta Garbo who upon seeing his final photos of her, hugged him and said “You understand me . . . you should be a director.”

How delicious is this cover? There was a time when Vogue was creative with its masthead, making each cover a magical piece of art. In the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s the masthead was often written out in a different way each time, incorporated into the cover image to create something really striking. I would guess that mid-century the trend for brand uniformity took hold, but wouldn’t it be great if magazine covers would delight and surprise us in this way again!

This run-down of covers consists mainly of Vogues. Though this isn’t intentional, it shows perhaps what a huge behemoth Vogue is in the world of fashion magazines, and how incredible it is that this brand has stood the test of time whilst all around it lesser magazines have ceased publication.

However, Harper’s Bazaar was launched in 1867, twenty-five years before Vogue was even thought up.  Harper’s Bazaar was America’s very first fashion magazine, aimed at showcasing the latest European styles to the middle and upper classes.

Home to talents such as Diana Vreeland, Diane Arbus, and Richard Avedon, Harper’s Bazaar created some of the most innovative and memorable magazine covers ever seen. This August 1940 cover by Herbert Bayer (a member of the Bauhaus movement and a widely artist and photographer) shows how much more modern and design conscious Harper’s Bazaar was. The magazine prided itself on being the resource for not just the “well-dressed woman” but also the “well-dressed mind.”

Back in the day, before it became normal to choose models and celebrities for your front cover, magazines like Vogue showed aspirational illustrations. Aspiration wasn’t all about bling. Rather, the 1920s covers (like this one from August 1929) show women in fairly charmed pursuits; enjoying the great outdoors (often in snow and rain as well as sun), a stunning view, or as on this cover, the freedom to paint and be creative. Now, that is true luxury!

Finally, I cannot finish without showing off our very own cover, for Issue 1 of V&OAK. It is a bi-annual magazine, and we are currently busy working on our second issue (out on 28th March). You can order the first and the second issue here (

For more vintage magazine covers, please visit our dedicated Pinterest board (

Thanks for reading and hope to see you this time next week!

Recipe: ‘Pear of Peas’ – The Perfect Victoria Sponge

Perhaps your New Year’s resolution was to bake more this year, learn new recipes or be more creative!

‘Pear of Peas’ – who’s pop up tea parties at our fairs always go down an absolute treat, have kindly shared one of their best selling, and most classic, recipes.

Victoria Sponge

My grandmother taught me how to make a basic sponge at the age of 6…and I have make it the same way ever since!

I make all my butter once a week and I use it for all of my cakes…just use shop bought butter but make sure you take it out of the fridge at least an hour before cooking.

You will need:
2 greased and lined cake tins, 20cm wide

200g Self raising flour
200g butter
200g caster sugar
1 tea spoon baking powder
4 eggs

1.Preheat over to Gas mark 5 or 190c

2.Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl or stand mixer and beat until all incorporated and smooth, scrape down the sides of the bowl and beat again for a minute or two.
Divide evenly between the 2 tins…I, as an obsessive, weigh the tins to make sure they are evenly laden!

3. Cook in the oven for 30 minutes…you know they are done as when you touch them the cake will spring back or insert a toothpick and if it comes out clean the cake is done.

4. Remove from the tin after 5 minutes and then cool on a cooling rack.

5. While the cake is cooling, make the icing.

100g butter, softened
140g icing sugar
Teaspoon vanilla extract
Maybe a little milk

6. Beat all the ingredients together, until smooth and soft.

7.When the cake is cool, place one half of the cake onto a cake stand smooth over the icing and then the jam, place the cake on top and dust liberally with icing sugar.

8. Finish with fresh fruit or crystallised flowers.

‘Pear of Peas’ will be popping up at our Leamington Spa & Bath events! We can’t wait to get our sticky mits on one of those cakes (phwoar)

Happy baking folks!

Judy HQ xx

Tips & Tricks with Miss Dixiebelle!

The wonderful ladies at Miss Dixiebelle are popping up next weekend at our Glasgow and Edinburgh events! They’ll be offering discounted vintage beauty treatments from as little as £5 – the perfect excuse to try a new look for the New Year.

We picked the brains of super stylish Casci Ritchie for some everyday hints and tips for that perfect vintage look.

If you don’t have matte lipstick to hand and are after a matte forties red lip then you can fake it! Line your lips then apply with your chosen colour. Lightly press a thin tissue over your lips and press gently translucent powder into your lips for that perfect pout!

When wearing a bold lip colour always line your lips and apply a thin line of concealer around the lip line to prevent bleeding and to enhance a clean silhouette. Blend into foundation for a seamless look!

Got some few day old curls? Section your front hair off from the crown and clip away. Brush and secure your hair into a high 1950s ponytail. Backcomb the front section and smooth into a large pin curl – looping the hair around your finger and clipping it into place when you are happy. Pratice makes perfect and this is a classic youthful fifties look that’s great for a night dancing! Add some pomade for shine – we love Black and Whites. Finish with a nylon scarft tied in a bow or a colourful hair flower! The bigger the better!

Did you know Miss Dixiebelle have salons in Edinburgh and Glasgow? Available for all your vintage hair and beauty needs, weddings, parties and a bit of pampering.

Judy’s Fair Discounted Prices:
Lips & Flicks – £5
Hair or Makeup – £15
Hair & Makeup – £30

We recommend booking in advance as the Miss Dixiebelle ladies are extremely popular at our fairs!

We’d love to see your vintage hair and makeup styles!

Share your looks over on our Instagram page using the hashtag #judysbeauty



It’s Competition Time…

AFFORDABLE VINTAGE is our middle name (literally) and we are on the hunt for the UK’s finest affordable vintage ambassadors!

Do you fancy yourself as a thrifting pro? 

Do your friends describe you as a brilliant bargain hunter?

Are you always on the lookout for AFFORDABLE vintage bargains?

Fancy winning FREE entry to all of our fairs in 2014 and be awarded with the prestigious Mr or Mrs Affordable Vintage title and VIP badge?

1. Send us a snap of yourself wearing your BEST affordable vintage look.

2. Let us know how much your look set you back (and where you bought it)!

3. Tell us in under 50 words why YOU should be our Mr or Mrs Affordable Vintage.

We will be awarding 2 badges each month so don’t panic if you miss the deadline – you can enter the month after…

If you aren’t already our FACEBOOK fan, please give us a ‘LIKE’ – we will be uploading all entries to our Facebook page for our fans to swoon at!

Deadline for entries: 25th of every month
Winner announced and notified: First week of following month


Enter via Email Subject: ‘Competition Entry

Enter via Instagram

Tag us @judysvintagefair and use the hashtag #mraffordablevintage or #mrsaffordabevintage

OR send us an Instagram direct message

Best of luck Ladies and Gents!


Terms and Conditions:

  • Only 1 entry per month per person.
  • By sending us your image you are granting us permission to use your image across our social media platforms, advertising and blog.
  • Winner will be decided by the Judy HQ team and will not take any ‘likes’ on images into account when choosing the winner.
  • You must send us an image, details of your buys and 50 word statement to qualify for the competition
  • Winners will be contacted via email and will have to provide their address to be posted their VIP badge.
  • Winners VIP badge allows them FREE entry to all Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair events in 2014

Introducing…Judy’s Vintage Digest

Introducing…Judy’s Vintage Digest Issue 1 – created by clever clogs Jenessa Williams, Jack Zelenka and Johanna Mangel from the University of Huddersfield.

Packed full of interviews, hints and tips, vintage finds and fashion inspiration we are bowled over by how bloomin’ fab this is!!

We think this would be the perfect reading material to compliment that afternoon cuppa and custard cream.

Check it out here folks.

Retro Regards,


Judy HQ xx

New Year, New Fairs, New Wardrobes!

Happy New Year lovely vintage fans! We are dusting off our keyboards after the Christmas break and can’t wait for a new season of fairs to start!!

To begin the New Year with a bang we have not one but FIVE January sale events across the UK.

Starting the proceeds by hopping over the border, we kick off 2014 in GLASGOW at Wasps Artists’ Studios – we are setting up shop for the day with 30+ stalls of the most affordable vintage and special January discounts a plenty! Throw in a vintage tea party and our scottish vintage beauty experts Miss Dixiebelle and you’re onto a winner…

Let us know you are coming here.

We are coming for you CAMBRIDGE! A firm favourite at Judy HQ, we can’t wait to kick off the season at The Guildhall. With an ever amazing array of vintage traders slashing the prices of their winter vintage it’s time to stock up those wardrobes ladies and gents!

Let us know you are coming here.

Next up, EDINBURGH and this time it’s even bigger and better than EVER! Hosted in Edinburgh’s largest venue, The Corn Exchange, we are hosted the biggest January sale Edinburgh has ever seen. We have our favourite DJ providing music you can dance (and shop too) and the Miss Dixiebelle ladies providing some New Year beauty inspiration – we cannot WAIT!!

Let us know you are coming here.

Our next January Sale weekender kicks off in our super stylish hometown of LEEDS. We will be taking over BOTH floors of the Corn Exchange to bring you a FREE January sale event! Think 75% off, bargain boxes and special January discounts (and all under one spectacular roof)

Let us know you are coming here.

Next stop, the historic city of YORK where we set up shop in the dreamy tudor building, The Hospitium, set in the Museum Gardens it may be one of our most picturesque venues ever! Our Leeds based lovelies The Marvellous Tea Dance Company will be hosting a decadent vintage tea party for you hungry vintage lovers. With discounts galore and knock your socks off new season stock to give your wardrobe a New Year shake up!

Let us know you are coming here.

If that wasn’t enough we are revisiting some of our favourite cities later in the year!

We are swinging into LEAMINGTON SPA on February 8th where we will be taking over The Assembly for a huge event packed to the rafters with affordable vintage, a balcony tea party and beauty room.

Let us know you are coming here.

The Engine Shed in LINCOLN will be our next port of call (and we can’t wait)! Only a 2 minute walk from the city centre…why not make the most of your weekend by paying us a visit for a New Year wardrobe overhaul!

Let us know you are coming here.

If that wasn’t enough for one weekend we will be at Northumbria Students Union for the first NEWCASTLE fair of the season – it’s always an absolute corker and we can’t wait to bring some incredible traders to the ‘toon.

Let us know you are coming here.

New venue alert!! We are taking over BATH Guildhall on February 22nd bringing our finest traders with us (check out the chandeliers *swoon*). We’ve even got a tea party room accompanying the 30+ stalls of vintage goodies, what more could you want?

Let us know you are coming here.

Introducing…one of the coolest renovated venues we’ve had the pleasure to work with. The Custard Factory, have an amazing new space ‘The Market Hall’ that we will be filling to the brim with vintage loveliness on March 8th – we can’t wait to be back in BIRMINGHAM!

Let us know you are coming here.

Now you can’t say we don’t spoil you, what a fabulous start to the New Year (if we do say so ourselves)! Keep sharing our events with your friends – the more the merrier in our book!

Retro regards,

Judy HQ xxx