Judy’s at Old Spitalfields: London, we’re coming!

Sound the trumpets and bang the drums – London’s BIGGEST vintage fair is back!

Yes folks, calling at the beautiful (and covered – bloody rain!) Old Spitalfields Market on Sat July 6th, our vintage troupe returns! Fashion, furniture, homewares, accessories, menswear, haberdashery and perchance a celeb or two (*cough cough Pixie Lott, Florence, VV Brown cough cough*) we can’t wait!

For all the details click here but until then…

“Art is for everybody” – A tribute to Keith Haring

The late seventies and early eighties – what springs to mind? Florals, flares, garish prints? Big salaries and bigger hair? Pomp, pretence and bubblegum pop? Yes, welcome to the cliche. Yet amongst a plethora of things that were slightly tongue in cheek sits the incredible Keith Haring.

A church-going, cartoon-drawing shy boy from Kutztown, Keith in later years would be called many things: street artist, party boy, charlatan and social pioneer – the artist who turned art on its head. Just looking at Keith’s work produces that sense of the uncanny; crawling babies and dancing dogs, peace signs and patterns, all of which are common place on t-shirts and post cards today.

Friends with Madonna, Grace Jones and graffiti artist LA 2, Keith’s remarkable public artworks (including subway drawings and subway cars to a painting on the Berlin Wall) fanned the flames of his notoriety. With fame came the call of his original idol – Andy Warhol – with whom he became a life-long friend, calling each other every night before bed to ‘gossip like old ladies.’

And so what is the draw to the late Keith Haring despite his incredible propensity for art? It is that for every iota of iconic style lies a remarkable amount of substance; an all round nice guy, Keith used his art to shed light on a growing drug scene and get help for those suffering via ‘crack is whack.’

Diagnosed with HIV and following the the 80s outbreak of AIDS, Keith’s art fought against bureaucracy, the red-tape and shame that prevented help and change. ‘Silence = Death’ Keith said – what more to say than that? Working up until a month before his death, his campaign helped many.

But in spite of all his commitment to social change, it is Keith’s drive to change art itself that gets me. Although Warhol showed the ordinary as art, consumable, reproducible, transactional at best (“good business is the best art” he said) Keith turned ‘art’ accessible; working for the outcast, the downtrodden as well as the well-to-do, he declared that “art is for everybody” (and we couldn’t agree more!)









Keith, for that (and for some bloody great drawings!) we at Judy’s salute you!

Retro regards,

Judy HQ x

Calling all debonair dads: Happy Father’s Day!

Greetings Vintage Fans!

They were there to carry us, to embarrass us, to turn music and pull hemlines down, to roll eyes and give us surprises and let us do a whole host of things that Mum would say no to – yes, on this special day, we want to raise a glass to Dads! Trawling the interweb for some of our favourite Dad cards, here are some of the best…































































































Happy Father’s Day folks!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

Happy Birthday Queenie!

Greetings Vintage Fans!

Birthdays -we bloody love them! The cake, the guests, the pomp and the presents. But what do we like more than your average birthday? A REGAL one, that’s what! Exercising perhaps one of our favourite perks of being be-crowned, the double birthday, Queen Liz celebrates her public one today, stampeding through London with horses, carriages and blokes in big hats (or something.) ALWAYS a fan of the Queen, we couldn’t help but say Happy Birthday and show a handful of our favourite Queenie looks…





































Your Majesty, have it large!

Regal regards,

Judy HQ x

The Vintage Kilo Sale: Something thrifty this way comes…

Greetings vintage fans!

We can’t stay for long. For why? Because THE VINTAGE KILO SALE is coming to town, that’s why! Bringing 10 TONNES of quality, vintage stock, we are proud to present…

And so what’s in store? Jackets and jeans, shorts and skirts, bags to brogues to bling and accessories, all at £15 a kilo. Wanting to whet your thrift-seeking whistle, hopefully this will get you in the mood…


Appetite whet? We thought so! For all the details on the London Kilo Sale, click here for Friday and here for Saturday.

Retro regards,

Judy HQ x

Oh my (Dog) Days! Florence Welch & The Vintage Furniture Flea

Greetings vintage fans,

Celebrity klaxon alert! Returning to Bethnal Green’s York Hall last Sunday, we spotted a famous face amongst the crowds- siren Florence Welch! Perusing the stalls for furniture and wares, we thought that she looked AWE-SOME! (scroll down to see!)

In addition to her hat, Fair Manager Scarlett’s dress and more cakes than our bellies could take, we also fell for the picnic set pictured below – perfect for an English meadow or park in the fleeting summer sun!

All in all, we had a ball and can’t wait to come back! For the latest on our movements, be sure to peruse here and until then, adieu – we’ll be coming to you soon!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

“Hello? Is it Flea your looking for?”

Furniture – what’s not to love? Granted, we’re fans of building up a proverbial wardrobe of lovely vintage garms but sometimes we just want the physical wardrobe to put it in. That said, this week we’re a-smiling. For why? (note to the reader: we’re not quite sure why we’re talking like a medieval poet – a-roll with it ok?) Because that most hallowed of events, The Vintage Furniture Flea, comes to town!

A celebration of the midcentury in the heart of Bethnal Green, good golly is it good! Don’t believe us? Well young cynics, set your peepers on this…


Converted? We thought so too!

The Vintage Furniture Flea calls at York Hall, Old Ford Road,London E2 9PJ on Sun 9th June. For all the details, click here.

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x

A Belated Birthday Miss Monroe



















‘Belated Birthdays’ – we know the phrase too well! (sorry Mum!) The quickening pace, the rush to the card shop, the ramming of a gift speedily through the door – one big car crash of selotape and sorrys and ‘how could I forgets!’

This week however, the birthday is a little less personal, yet still one that we simply couldn’t miss. On Saturday June 1st, it was perhaps Hollywood’s most beloved bombshell’s birthday – Marilyn Monroe. ‘Marilyn?’ you may utter, eyes rolling, tongue clucking. ‘What a cliche!’ True, she may be more celebrated and infamous than most, a poster girl of the glamorous past, all lashes and rouge and coochy-coo. But still, WHAT an icon! (Did you not see ‘Some like it Hot??) From the voice to the demeanor to her belief in the power of shoes (sing it sister!), Marilyn, we will always love you!

And so, a little later than intended, how to toast such a wonderful young woman? Through the medium of montage of course, with some of our favourite Marilyn moments…

































































































































Marilyn, your magic lives on. Happy Birthday lady!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x