Girl on Fire: A little tribute to Edie Sedgwick

“Edith Mintum Sedgwick: beautiful artist and actress (and all around loon.) Remembered for setting the world on fire and escaping the clutches of her terrible family. Made friends with everybody and anybody, creating chaos and uproar wherever she went. Divorced as many times as she married, she leaves only good wishes behind…” Factory Girl

Say what you want about Edie (more tributes and reprimands exist in the great chasm of the media than she had earrings!) but something about her, like many of those icons of the 1960s that we hold dear,¬†smolders. Remembering an icon, here are some of our favourite looks…







































































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Dress to Impress!

Greetings vintage fans,

Sometimes, a dress comes along that is so out-and-out beautiful that we would sell our own mothers down the river to get it (sorry Mum, we’ll pick you up before the river hits the sea!) This floral ditty (pictured above) is such a garment! Brought to our attention by the aptly-named ‘Time of your Life’ vintage, we envisage having exactly that – twirling in parks, long lazy brunches, dance floors and weddings. Flower power to the max, we think we’ve fallen in floral love!

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Leaving on a jet plane with trader ‘Before Brasilia’

Greetings vintage fans!

With the days lengthening up and the sun coming round, there’s only one word on our mind at present – ‘VACATION!’ Hunting out our more exotic traders, this week we had a chat with globe-trotting homewares traders ‘Before Brasilia‘ before they set-up shop at Judy’s at Old Spitalfields this very Saturday…

Q. Hi Lucci! Thanks for chatting with us. Now then, my first question would be where on earth do team ‘Before Brasilia’ hail from?

“Well, I was actually born in Brasilia, but I’ve been in the UK for most of my life.”

Q. And where does your love affair with vintage travel begin?

“I remember when i was i kid, the Concorde flew into Brasilia airport during its world tour to showcase the plane (I ¬†knew it was coming because I had spotted it on the news the night before with my Dad) The next day, we were all out playing in the playground at school and, like magic, we heard it! It was so, so loud and utterly amazing – I had never wanted to see something so badly in my entire life! Straight after, I ran to the school pincipal and convinced him that I was sick. He called in my mother to collect me and on the way out, my mother asked if i was really that sick. ‘No,’ I answered, ‘so can you please take me to the airport?’ And thankfully, she did! From that moment, my passion for aviation began, leading to a job with an airline. Unfortunately, when working in the industry, all the glamour was gone – everything was made of plastic, everything was cheap compared to my memories (hence why I now collect 50s and 60s airline memorabilia instead!)”


Q. Collecting for such a long time, you must have come across many beauties. What’s kept you going and what are your favourite finds so far?’

“Simply the glamour of it all, from how people traveled to what they wore and where they were headed! Over the years, we’ve seen some great finds, ranging from hats to glasses to airline posters (airline posters are my favourite! One day I’d love to show all the ones we’ve collected in an exhibition for all to see!) To give you some examples, we’ve picked up coats and dresses by the likes of Lila Ann, hats by Dior and Schiaparelli, art deco suitcases by Wheary and even an authentic ‘Pan Am’ check-in sign all the way from NYC! At Spitalfields on Sat 6th April, I’m going to be setting-up a vintage travel lounge so be sure to come and ‘check in!'”

Q. And finally, as someone that travels a lot, any top tips of where to go for vintage?

“That’s a difficult one but if we had to say, we’d pick Chicago! It’s simply the most amazing place for vintage!”

Well folks, there we go – vintage enthusiasm spanning several decades and hemispheres from one of London’s freshest retro traders. For more on Lucci (and to visit him in person) check out our Old Spitalfields event this weekend by clicking here or visit his page here.

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