Call the Doctor – it finally has a name…

Somebody call the doctor – it finally has a name! Thanks to fresh research and tireless graft from our pals at The Vintage Festival, that unstoppable urge to charity shop, buy West German pottery and simply wax nostalgic at any given opportunity finally has a name – ‘VINTAGE-ITIS!’

Compulsive, competitive [and sometimes expensive, although not at our fairs – *dusts-off shoulders accordingly*], the condition is yet to be thought of as curable, with many men, women and even children saying NO to mobile phones, donning frocks and quoffing Babycham [from the ACTUAL glasses!!] proving that ‘Vintageitis’ is alive and well.

And so, what remains in the way of prevention for this dreaded disease? Gather your mod cons, shop only Highstreet, throw out the vinyl and buy only MP3. Want to steer clear of this viral time-travel, where you can be whoever you want to be? Nah, neither do we!

Retro Regards,

Judy HQ x