Vintage Nation Festival 2012

To recall our first ever solo vintage festival [which was nearly three weeks ago – BAD BLOGGER!] is something akin to trying to remember a bruise accumulated after falling of a park swing or tumbling from a seesaw in the follies of youth; you know you enjoyed it, wind in your hair, going higher and higher but at some point, you ate dirt, dusted yourself up, maybe cried for a bit [depending on your disposition] then threw yourself on the roundabout and got on with it.

Conceited and long-winded analogy? Yes! Irrelevant? NO! So what am i trying to say? That Vintage Nation was enjoyable, exhilarating, successful but BLOODY HARD WORK! Electrics failed, food vendors cancelled, gales were blown, tea was NOT SERVED CORRECTLY [hell hath no fury like a commercial caterer scorned – or should that be SCONE-d?] At the end of it, we were tired, delirious and probably, a little drunk [blast you Crabbie’s!]

Still, there was MUCH to be thankful for – the marketplace[which looked AWESOME and didn’t stop all day!] our sponsors, our live acts and performers, our photographers, our cars and of course, our customers. Without you, all of you, we couldn’t have made it through. And so, without further ado, here are a few snaps of a day that will, just like the King said, “be always on my mind..”

And there we have it – our first festival, done! Just the most massive, humongous, Godzilla-sized thanks to all of you who made it happen. To next year? To next year!



Straight out of Surrey

Monopolising on our penchant for a right royal chinwag, this week, we’ve roped-in chap rapper Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer to talk office, outerwear and his upcoming stint at Vintage Nation

Mr B, as i’m sure you’re aware, we’re practically at the Jubilee weekend. If you were monarch, what would you decree?

“Well, I would have to insist on free tweed for all! In fact, make that compulsory tweed, alongside compulsory curtseying for ladies and the dothing of one’s cap for gents. Oh, and Penny Farthings all round!”

Like the new ‘Borris bike?’


Now in addition to your lyrics, many of us envy you for your outfits. But tell me, how does Mr B do ‘causal?’

“Well of course it depends on your surroundings – I have my day suits for the city, perhaps a Fair Isle jumper and loose-fitting trousers for the country – it totally depends on the climate you see!”

So not a pair of grey joggers in sight?

“Well to say i haven’t worn a T-shirt in 8 years, it’s highly unlikely!”

Now we know that assimilation of tweed into everyday activities [such as London’s ‘Tweed Run’] have really taken off. Any other activities you’d like to see Tweed-ed up?

“Well of course there is the Chap Olympiad, which i am a great patron of! Actually, I am writing the theme song for this year’s games!”

Are we thinking crescendos and pomp or something more minimal?

“It’s definitely patriotic – anthemic is the word!”

We are thrilled to be having you at our Brighton one dayer, Vintage Nation. Tell me, anything up your sleeve for the events?

“As well as playing the hits, i’ll be showing off my new album, released imminently [shameless plug] and generally having a good time! Brighton is my home so it’s always nice to be back!”

And finally, we see that you’re a big supporter of giving “three-piece a chance.” What do you say to all those watching at the events in 80s glitter or 90s grunge that have probably never even seen a suit?

“You know, it’s all about effort and making yourself look good. As well as dandy, my roots are urban [being chap-hop!] and so I too am partial to 80s New York, trainers, hi-tops – they are like the Oxford brogues of the urban world! As long as you look good, that’s all that matters!”

Catch Mr B playing the Village Green at Vintage Nation [sponsored by Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer] In the meantime, check him out here