Fifties Sense!

As a male, 20-something blogger [who has *wait for it* only seen 2 series of Mad Men] writing about the 50s and before always proves, well, a little tricky. That’s not to say i harbor any bad taste for the decades – they were divine in their own right and hats off to all who grew up in/ cherish/ wear them today.

Although not quite abandoning them to a pseudo-fashion-room-101, I think it’s the femininity that gets me. The frills, the florals and victory rolls are a little too much.

This isn’t to say i’m some sports-cheerin’ beer-swillin  XY-chromosoned archetype of masculinity [far from it] The brazen feminity of the 60s and the 70s captivates me. Perhaps it is the sheer text-book femininity of the fifties [the swooshing dresses, the flowers, the hair made-oh-so-nice] that frightens me, leaves me running to the glitter-ball androgyny of the 70s and on [where i feel most comfortable]

That said, I couldn’t help but share this dress with you from trader Your Vintage Life [and available at Oxford’s Affordable Vintage Fair this weekend.] TOTES contradictory to my mantra, i can’t help but feel love for it. And why? Not because of the cut, the warm, almost Autumnal florals or the time it represents,  but because I get the overwhelming sense that it has lived; worn in parks, dance-halls, homes and hearths – who knows! Whether in a Betty-Draper monochrome [or a grittier, British reality] – it’s era doesn’t matter to me.

Strip me of my prints, grab the tweed [and fire-up Mad Men series 3] – there’s hope for me yet!