Dog Days…

The weeks when i can say i spent my Friday photographing dogs in medals – those be good weeks [PS Crufts, if you’re watching, watch out!]

This [as you may know] is office dog Dolly, modelling one of the many medals we intend to give out at Judy’s at Spitalfields – The Bank Holiday Special next weekend. What are we looking for? With snow on the horizon, perhaps a glossy coat!

Happy weekend vintage fans!


Fifties Sense!

As a male, 20-something blogger [who has *wait for it* only seen 2 series of Mad Men] writing about the 50s and before always proves, well, a little tricky. That’s not to say i harbor any bad taste for the decades – they were divine in their own right and hats off to all who grew up in/ cherish/ wear them today.

Although not quite abandoning them to a pseudo-fashion-room-101, I think it’s the femininity that gets me. The frills, the florals and victory rolls are a little too much.

This isn’t to say i’m some sports-cheerin’ beer-swillin  XY-chromosoned archetype of masculinity [far from it] The brazen feminity of the 60s and the 70s captivates me. Perhaps it is the sheer text-book femininity of the fifties [the swooshing dresses, the flowers, the hair made-oh-so-nice] that frightens me, leaves me running to the glitter-ball androgyny of the 70s and on [where i feel most comfortable]

That said, I couldn’t help but share this dress with you from trader Your Vintage Life [and available at Oxford’s Affordable Vintage Fair this weekend.] TOTES contradictory to my mantra, i can’t help but feel love for it. And why? Not because of the cut, the warm, almost Autumnal florals or the time it represents,  but because I get the overwhelming sense that it has lived; worn in parks, dance-halls, homes and hearths – who knows! Whether in a Betty-Draper monochrome [or a grittier, British reality] – it’s era doesn’t matter to me.

Strip me of my prints, grab the tweed [and fire-up Mad Men series 3] – there’s hope for me yet!



Mentally Redecorating…

Greetings vintage fans,

Today has been a day spent indulging in some mental redecoration; not as literal as it sounds, we’re not talking spending time with our cognitive Carol Smiley [nor letting Laurence Llwelyn loose on our lobes!]  but rather cooing over our new favourite thing…VINTAGE WALLPAPER!

Booked-in for The Vintage Furniture Flea this Sunday, we’re in love with E W Moore and their array of vintage things to cover your walls in. Here’s a few of our faves…

And one for the crack…

Check out their website here [and come along to the Flea on Sunday to get your mits on these in person]



A cheeky trip to Condale

Greetings vintage fans. Are you well/ blossoming in this pseudo-spell of Springtime heat? Many a pasty leg has seen the light of late [our limbs included] – like Casper at the Seaside – MUST.GET.TANNED.

So, yesterday evening, we took a little jaunt over to Sheffield to go see one of our fave new sing-song duos, Summer Camp. Why are we telling you this on this most hallowed of fashion blogs? Because we FRIKKIN loved their outfits…

Aztec prints, crucifix earrings, more totally tropical than a Lilt Lady – lovechild with Mr Delmonte himself. Watching longingly from the It Box [don’t be deceived by the above VIP ‘side of stage’ photo – my arms just have the dexterousness of your average school project pipe-cleaner – handy!] safe to say,  we loved it.

And the music? As painfully 80s/ 90s infused as the shirt on Jeremy’s back; dreamy synth, lyrics brimming with the angst of a thousand corridors and a performance bursting like bubble-gum, leaving us pink and sticky in the face [which we’re TOTES ok with btw!]  – check out their album ‘Welcome to Condale’ here.






Nice Rack!

Put your eyes back in your sockets vintage fans, for we mean literally! This lovely wee magazine rack comes courtesy of LOVE ME AGAIN! vintage [we like the name, needy but endearing!] and is up for grabs at Edinburgh’s Affordable Vintage Fair this weekend.

Much more efficient than the floor [or a magazine fort – we thought about it for a while but heck we’ve seen 127 hours – there’s got to be nothing worse than being trapped under an avalanche of old-school Harper’s Bazaars!] we’ll be racing you to the stall!



150 Rails, 10 Tonnes & 1x Abuse of Microsoft Paint later….

…Europe’s BIGGEST Vintage Kilo Sale is here!

Folks, sometimes it is time for a SHAMELESS PLUG! As I sit waiting for my hair to dry, I am JITTERY at the thought of heading to York Hall [next to the Museum of Childhood yo!] to set up 150 rails of vintage gorgeousness.

The best bit? IT’S ONLY £15 PER KILO! That’s right, 4-5 items whilst getting change from a twenty.

Putting on my best Carpet-Warehouse-Clearance-Ad-Impersonator-Voice ‘LITERALLY EVERYTHING MUST GO!’ [and so you’d be a fool to miss it] Do you want to be left with egg on your face whilst we all shop like crazy???? DO YOU????Thought not [because NOBODY wants an eggy face. Unless it’s Cadburys. Discuss…]


See YOU there! [yes YOU!] Click here for deets.


PS I will not be held responsible for the abuse of caps lock and punctuation in this post. Please post all complaint and grievances to MY COFFEE MUG/ WIRED!!